US RDP Attacks Jump More than 300%

The Data Is In

The data on US RDP attacks from March 10th through April 15th show a 330% increase in RDP brute-force attacks. An article from APN News shows the statistics.

From the period of February 9th through March 9th, there were just under 872,000 attacks in the US. The next reporting period saw that jump to over 32,000,000. It’s no wonder, with workers forced home due to the pandemic and businesses conducting daily work remotely. Additionally, many companies find themselves relying on employees to be mindful of security.

This is where products like PC Matic’s RDP Lifeline can make the difference.

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14 thoughts on “US RDP Attacks Jump More than 300%

  1. The article should have said Remote Desktop protocol instead of RDP. Then more people would have known what they were referring to. I had to read people’s comments to learn that RDP is remote desktop protocol, which I am familiar with. As Spock said, “One might have said so in the first place.”

  2. What is “US RDP?” Not everyone on the planet had a Ph.D in computer science. Please use acronyms a bit less and English a bit more.

  3. I have had PC Matic for since it came on the scene but I have always had another product running “just in case”. I recently dropped my secondary back-up and I am wondering if my Lifetime PC Matic is all I need? I believe I have a virus on my laptop because of the way it acts. What is my best course of action to take to be sure I am thoroughly protected?

    • PC Matic would suffice as your only security solution. What you will need to do is ensure SuperShield is installed, which would be our primary way to detect malicious software. If you have any questions about doing so, please reach out to — You may also scan for any viruses by running a security scan and following the prompts for any virus removal post-scan.

  4. every time i read your your newsletters i wonder why people keep getting in trouble.the virus people that i had before i went to PCMatic years ago never in formed me about these things.Keep up the great work. I feel safe and Secure.

  5. So what the heck is an RDP? Very typical of the industry literature … you are supposed to know all the in-words in advance.

    That’s not a put-down of PC Matic, which I use constantly, just an observation. One of my favorite magazines is MAXIMUM PC, but they do this all the time … drop nomenclature that you have to be an insider to understand.

    • Hi Tim, RDP ports are remote desktop protocol ports — they enable the ability to remote into networks from an “off-site” location. Home PCs have them so users can access home files while they are on the go, same with business networks. However, as Mary mentioned, they are being attacked more than ever because hackers can then access your entire PC through the port. So if you’re not using it — disable it.

      We apologize for any confusion with the acronym and will try to be more diligent about explaining them in the future.

  6. Hey i paid you 50 dollars and never got your service or my money back you had no problem taking my money out of my bank account

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