Hackers, Branded As Terrorists, Release Trump Emails

The FBI Refuses

A group of hackers known as REvil or Sodinokibi have released their first round of emails they claim are “damaging” to Trump’s reelection campaign, as reported by Forbes. The group successfully stole information from a New York lawfirm and are now claiming they have “dirty laundry” on Trump. After publishing documents on Lady Gaga to show their intent and credibility, REvil asked for a $42 million dollar ransom to keep the information private.

This is the first time a ransom attack has been classified as a terrorist act, according to Brett Callow. Callow is an analyst and dark web specialist at Emsisoft. Additionally, Mr. Callow mentioned that the hackers would now have to publish or sell the rest of the data. As expected, REvil decided to publish the first 169 emails that vaguely mention Trump or the word trump. It appears the key word was used to pull any data relating to that word.

In addition to classifying the hack as a terrorist act, the FBI has also refused to pay the ransom. Additionally, they’ve released a statement that no ransoms would ever be paid.

REvil’s Pushback

REvil decided to push back on the statements made by releasing “the most harmless” information. However, a warning from the group stated that there was more damaging information to come. They noted that, in an election year, this could make a difference for the reelection campaign.

The ransom note ends with a warning from the group. ” I would hurry up. In the place of your competitor, I would buy all the data and put it right at the start of the election. That would be fun. But you can get ahead of him.”

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26 thoughts on “Hackers, Branded As Terrorists, Release Trump Emails

  1. People would be real fools to vote for Biden. Because he has mental problems he would be just President in name only.
    Since he is very in with the Chinese it would probably be them running our country. You people should watch the movie The Gardener staring Peter Sellers.

  2. Thomas Jefferson was right about the tree of Liberty….It’s only a matter of time when the people are fed up with the Left attempt to destroy such a GREAT COUNTRY MAY GOD BLESS AMERICA…..

  3. This is payback for the 2016 US election collusion / interference perpretrated by the Russians! And if this group is US-based and not from a foreign country, the better! Because collusion from foreign powers is bad, but leaks by authentic patriots of the US of A are a thing I can support.

    And if Trump is so serious about this –so serious that he calls it an act of terrorism– then why doesn’t he go after Edward Snowden (who has done more damage to this country with his leaks than even Chelsea Manning or Julian Assange combined) who is hiding in Soviet Russia? Mr. Trump, forget about this hack and go instead after Mr. Snowden – he’s more dangerous to this country than that stupid “dirty laundry”.

    • Latest releases indicate—but don’t quite prove—that a disaffected Democrat leaked the DNC server, Hillary and Podesta emails. Supposedly, the staffer was unhappy DNC took sides well before their last nominating convention.
      Most telling is that an executive of security consultant CrowdStrike, the only entity DNC allowed to analyze their servers, confessed UNDER OATH they found NO direct evidence Russia had hacked DNC servers. What does it tell us that DNC wouldn’t even permit the US FBI to examine their servers?
      This is a developing story.

    • Now YOU sound like one of those people who live or die by your support of the Russian interference hoax. A hoax because the Democrats couldn’t even find evidence using Mueller.

      Any encouragement of a group like REvil just puts ALL of us at more risk to our personal liberties going forward.

      If you don’t stand for something then you stand for nothing.

    • The only collusion with the Russians was with the Clinton campaign and the false info they bought to accuse Trump. It’s all been discredited ages ago. Don’t you followed the news other than CNN?

    • There was NO Russian collusion you freaking idiot. The only collusion with Russia was the fake dossier Hilary and the DNC paid for from defunct spy Christopher Steele in an attempted coup on a rightfully voted in US President!!

    • Please catch up. The only collusion / interference was perpetrated by the Clinton / DNC. Three Years and you’re still listening to Adam the sack of schiff , a proven liar???????

  4. Very hard to imagine what more “dirty laundry” a law firm could have that would make any difference to how people feel about Trump–either support him or they don’t.

  5. The FTC should should partner with NSA/FBI to detect, arrest and convict persons who would engage in this intrusion of The POTUS E- mail conversations. Section 230 should be eliminated by a Presidential EO so Twitter cannot be Fact Checking comments as a “Non-Pollitical” communication platform. Double standard liberal propaganda tool that requires FTC scrutiny.

    • Hey Robert/Vladimir – not so happy when it goes against the right wing nut job community of you and President Who?

  6. Something really needs to be done about these cyber terrorists and the Dark Web. The future of technology is at stake!

    • My thoughts exactly Robert, if you execute these hackers, they’ll think long and hard before committing this terrible crime. Same with murders, rapes, car-jackings……being “nice” to criminals is the current plan for, mostly democratic administrations and fails miserably at the expense of the innocent public. Amazingly, pelosi has defended ms-13 trash killers and now defends china against our country and President!

      • Actually, it has been proven time to time that the death penalty is not a deterrent to terrible crimes. In states with death penalty, there are more murders, rapes, car-jackings, etc.; in states with no death penalty, such capital crimes have actually gone down.

        Just look at Texas and all the peoples it has executed – yet peoples there still murder, rape, etc. and in greater numbers without even thinking about it.

        • I call BS on this one. This is why Trump WILL be re-elected. Because of people just like you.
          I’m ROFLMFAO at the socialistic left’s attempts to sway opinion with the fabrications of their own imagination and lies.
          Have a good full life, if it will be possible for you, because the left causes their own misery and then wants everyone else to help them or share in it….not here, not now, not ever…your on your own.
          Oh by the way… learn the proper use of the English language… “peoples”?…please… and how is it you know so much about how much damage was done by the different leakers?…you don’t…just more of your blurting out whatever you want and hoping something sticks…isn’t that right Name Withheld?

          • Even with the few comments this article raised, there are still a number of them with TDS, like the guy or not, no problem there, but Trump is at the root of all things bad? It really is a case of the media have been able to carve out a space in the liberals brains so Trump can live there rent free.

            As for this hack, they have nothing, nice try but the hackers will get caught and it will not end well for them.

          • “your on your own”
            Oh Tired one; maybe you shouldn’t try to lecturing people about proper use of the English language.
            “You’re” not so hot yourself!

          • For every person executed by the state, two or more peoples take their place in committing more of such crimes. That is the trend that has been showing up in USA.

            Also, if you check out other countries with no death penalty, their murder/rape/etc. rates per every 1000 peoples are WAY lower than those in USA. The country with the fewest murders in the world has ZERO death penalty. Check your facts.

        • What, your name micheal stivic from archie bunker? Those words were spoken over 40 years ago. Get a life or get a new education from the tired old garbage!

        • You say it has been proven, but you don’t offer any proof. That’s called yellow journalism for a reason, kind of like, I have an anonymous source. After all the fake news, the public just doesn’t buy into someone making grandiose statements but refusing to cite the data behind them.

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