Shopping For Managed Services

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Finding A Provider That Works With And For You

Shopping for a managed service provider (MSP) is like shopping for a good car. You want one that’s sturdy and dependable and will last a long time. The technology should be state of the art, and the safety rating high. While we all have different needs and tastes, there are certain standards that should be offered by each.

Outsourcing the management of your IT services is becoming increasing popular as the need for greater security increases. By using an MSP, your organization frees up space with the already strained IT staff. Additionally, it gives you a second (and third) pair of eyes on your machines.

PC Matic MSPs not only provide their customers with their own levels of support, but also have the PC Matic support team behind them. This allows customers who receive their managed services from PC Matic partners to have their in house staff, their MSP, the PC Matic team, and PC Matic’s alerting and whitelist technology all acting as a watch guard.

So when shopping for managed service provider, consider the following.

Working Together

While some companies prefer a hands off method when outsourcing their IT, you should have the ability to work together with your MSP. Making sure your MSP gives you visibility into the alerting and management of your machines means you stay in the loop.


It should be easy to add and remove machines. You should also be able to reach your MSP in a reasonable amount of time and receive information on your systems when requesting it.

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Layered Approach

Many PC Matic MSPs offer a variety of services to their customers. Chose a provider that offers the services you’re looking for in regards to your company’s needs. PC Matic itself has a multitude of features that customers enjoy in addition to our award winning antivirus.

The Human Touch

You’ll want a provider that’s hands on. That’s not to say they’re sitting in front of their machines 24/7 monitoring yours, but they also don’t leave everything up to automation. You’ll also want someone who’s there for you if there’s an issue. PC Matic MSPs have the full weight of the PC Matic support team behind them to assist with any and all issues.

But Where Do I Look?

Shopping for a managed service provider can be difficult. Contact a PC Matic sales rep today. We’ll talk through your needs with you and pair you with one of our reputable managed service providers. Don’t leave your security to chance.

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    • Hi Henry,
      We appreciate your business. Over the last 20+ years, we have found online support to be the most beneficial for our users. Please submit a helpdesk ticket at — our support team is available seven days a week and happy to help!

  1. 2013: moved with 3 computers, using one as main…within 4 months, even with supposed protection, wound up with a new serious virus. Jumped through hoops & spent $$$ to fix.
    Within mere months we had another bad bug! While looking for answers discovered PC MATIC.
    & for $50 covered all 3 units….4 GUESS WHAT? INTO 7TH YEAR & NEVER ANY MORE PROBLEMS! Except a couple of self-inflicted boo-boos!

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