American Made is Bipartisan

Patriotism Isn’t One Sided

My grandfather, Mike, was a World War II vet who spent his life working on the Erie Lakawanna railway. He was one of eight children of immigrants, extremely patriotic, and a staunch democrat. Above all, Mike was American.

I was only a teenager when he passed, but we were close. In the time I had with him, he instilled a succinct set of lessons; your good name is worth more than money, care about other people, and buy American.

There’s a certain type of irony that I found my way to PC Matic. My grandfather’s lessons are part of the core values of the company. PC Matic is a superior product, and yet we choose to make it affordable for everyone. We do this because we care about others and their ability to access cybersecurity.

Finally, PC Matic believes in buying American. We believe in it so much that it’s an integral part of who we are. Yet the idea of American inclusiveness is being pushed almost as a partisan ideal. That shouldn’t, however, be the case.

Buy Local

There’s been a movement the past few years to buy local. This means going back to your small town businesses and supporting them. The idea is that the money you’re paying for goods and services stays within your community and with your friends and neighbors. This works on a grander, national scale as well.

Global business is always necessary. I believe thoroughly in the idea that goods and services should be exchanged between cultures. It diversifies our abilities and understanding, but there’s something to be said for “buying local.”

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In our current state, we are worried more than ever about our national economy. By keeping our business dollars internal, we’re doing our part to stay self-sufficient. We’re also making sure our money is going back into our communities. PC Matic employees are remote and all across the US. We live and play in big cities and small towns from the East to the West coast and everywhere in between.

A Safer Stance

There’s another bipartisan aspect to an American made antivirus. We know the laws and regulations in our country. There’s a level of transparency (stay with me even if you’re shaking your head “no” right now) in our governmental systems.

You trust your AV with a lot of information and data for your business and personal accounts. In the US, as Apple proved, a company can refuse to release data to government agencies. US companies have the right to protect their customers. That, however, isn’t the case in other countries.

Having the protections and backings of the American justice system allows a peace of mind that simply isn’t there for other products.

The Issue At Hand

Somehow, however, the idea of being proud of our country has fallen by the wayside. My personal opinion is that we haven’t spent enough time on my grandfather’s second edict; care about other people. That’s exactly what supporting American made is about though. We care enough about each other as a nation to lift each other up.

As our nation’s 243rd birthday approaches, think about American made. Think about how it’s an idea that benefits us all. Most importantly, consider, for a moment, Mike’s ideals and do something nice for someone else.

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Stay safe out there.

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22 thoughts on “American Made is Bipartisan

  1. I have pc-Matic for a few years, and two months ago I took the ‘lifetime deal’,I don’t know why I did that! I’m not too happy with my results; I scanned the system several times,nothing! Sometimes it takes more than 24hrs to do it! Right now it’s giving me trouble,it freezes up and comes back after a while; I wish they had an 800 hot-line

    • Hi Armando — The product is the same for annual and lifetime, so any difference since upgrading to a lifetime subscription is a bit puzzling. Have you reached out to our helpdesk at for assistance in diagnosing the problem? They’re available seven days a week and happy to assist!

  2. Thank you so much for taking the time and effort to share your most meaningful thoughts and values with us.
    My grandfather too worked that railroad – and I truly share exactly what you are saying.

    We very much appreciate ALL that we know to be PCMatic – and thank you also for this safe, trustworthy way to protect ourselves!

    Take care and God bless you!

  3. One reason I switched to PC Matic was because of the obvious patriotic views of the American owner and company. I am also pleased at the more thorough screening of material coming to my computer from every insalubrious world portal imaginable. Keep up the good work.

    R C

  4. I really respect your grandfather and his ideals. I wish more young people would learn to respect others and believe in the America that I was proud to serve in the Air Force. I am a Vietnam vet and really appreciate your article.

  5. Thank you for your article and sentiments about “American Made” being BIPARTISAN! The entire message, along with your closing, “Most importantly, consider, for a moment, Mike’s ideals and do something nice for someone else”, is something that needs additional publication, minus the ad for PC Matic, although I endorse the product.

  6. sadly, those values which I also was raised on have all but disappeared in the new America, principles my parents always said to me was be kind to others, show respect and be polite

  7. We love our PCMatic. Glad it’s American made and proud. We do our best to buy American made products.

  8. I appreciate the article. There was a time when our country was not so divided. Center Democrats and center Republicans were not that far apart, and probably still aren’t. Unfortunately, at this time, the Socialists have taken over the Democrat party. I do hope and pray that all center leaning folks of both parties will find common ground to fight the threat of a Socialist America (Socialism = Dictatorship = Communism). I have, all of my life, been Independent, a Free Thinker, not bound to either party. Free to choose the candidate I think best. Not told who to vote for, I decide. I love the land, I recycle, I buy local, I buy made in America, made on this continent, then made in EU. I try my best not to buy made in China. I love the Chinese people, but hate the Communist Government.

  9. Thanks for your very clear and unapologetic support of made in America. To be a businessman in these hypersensitive times creates challenges your grandfather never imagined. I wish you and your company well, but speaking boldly as you have may bring unintended wrath on you and your family. it seems that even the best intended words will be found offensive to some.

  10. Good morning, I enjoyed your Writing. I have not gotten around PCMatic just yet, I only bought it this week,very foreign to me. I bought it because it is American made. I’m sure I will love it once I know more about it. Thank you Martha

  11. We all come from immigrants. Difference is, some immigrants come here legally – some don’t. I had my identity stolen from an illegal one, and it took a long time to repair it. It is what makes me stand with Trump and his wall.

  12. Hello, Mary
    Thanks for your very down to earth article and easy to follow. I used to love talking about all that electronic and technology stuff. By trade I dabbled in the medical technology industry and there was never a dull moment. Anyway really enjoyed your article and reading about your grandfather. I am really happy with PCMatic!

  13. I have always liked this definition by Mr. Harris:

    The difference between patriotism and nationalism is that the patriot is proud of his country for what it does, and the nationalist is proud of his country no matter what it does; the first attitude creates a feeling
    of responsibility, but the second a feeling of blind arrogance. Sydney J. Harris


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