Remote Tech Problems? You Aren’t Alone.

Businesses Weren’t Prepared

When the pandemic struck and there were mass closures across the country, most businesses weren’t prepared. In house, networks are exponentially more secure. As the workforce moved home, however, many companies exposed themselves to a slew of security issues.

PC Matic conducted our own survey on COVID-19 work from home trends. Consequently, the trends found in those survey answers are pretty consistent with what tech professionals are seeing across the country. We’re seeing ransomware attacks increase, security measures decrease, and security health relax.

PC Matic fits perfectly into a healthy security plan. Our default-deny approach keeps machines safe from even new threats. In other words, even if it’s a new threat, we’ll block it.

As workers use their own devices, they reduce the security of their professional environments. Surfing the web, checking bank accounts, and visiting shopping sites can all expose your machine to security threats. As a result, you are also compromising your company’s information because you access it on the same device.

We believe in protecting a machine on a different level. Our Pro product can’t be uninstalled from the machine. This means a hacker in your personal machine won’t be able to uninstall the product and drop a malicious file.

Tech Boom

Meanwhile, original projections thought that tech spending would go down. Due to the security concerns raised by remote work, security needs are on the rise. IT professionals have been dubbed essential workers, and are out there keeping systems safe as Americans continue to social distance.

PC Matic is also there. We’re working our hardest to provide IT professionals with the tools they need to bring remote work and IT management into this new normal.

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5 thoughts on “Remote Tech Problems? You Aren’t Alone.”

  1. I LOVE PCMATIC. I have been very happy with the product since inception. The only criticism I have is that I can’t reach anyone via telephone to ask certain specific questions that are difficult for me to do via chat or other means. I use my PC for personal use and I thank my brother-in-law for suggesting I get this product on my computer several years ago. You can probably tell I am not an IT user and somewhat of a novice even though I’ve used a computer for years. Thank you so very much for keeping me safe!

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