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The Infographics Show

Something we discuss over and over in this blog, and also at PC Matic, is the need to educate. Education helps us spot phishing attacks with more ease. It lets us know what the current trends are in ransomware. By keeping ourselves up-to-date, we keep ourselves better protected.

In that vein, I’d like to introduce you all to a YouTube Channel that has great information. While not all of it falls in the category of tech, the series of Dark Web videos The Infographics Show has released will give you great insight into what happens there.

This is a show I enjoy putting on in the background often. Do yourself a favor and take a look. I suggest beginning with this video.

The Dark Web

While many people visit the Dark Web for reasons listed in the video, it’s also a place where RaaS (Ransomware As A Service) is sold. As we’ve mentioned before, this is all too prevalent of a problem. It’s refreshing to see channels like The Infographics Show laying out for you how you will be caught (especially if you’re in the US.)

There are other videos on this channel as well outlining the dangers and mysteries of the Dark Web. It’s definitely worth a watch. And if you ever have any questions, send them my way. I’ll do my best to give you great answers.

Stay safe out there folks.

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4 thoughts on “A YouTube Channel Committed to Education

  1. I am one of those you scathingly refer to with regard to how I keep track of my passwords – I have a book with dozens in it kept in the drawer alongside my PCs. It was drummed into me never to repeat use of an email password. So I have not – hence the book! I do not know what sort of wizard you are but please do not tell me that you can remember with total reliability that you can recall them all from memory. I live in a private house and the only one using or has access to my passwords is me. The list of companies who have been hacked and their customer details stolen is legion. We do not yet know if one of the houses offering a central password store has been hacked but the prize is so big surely it is just a matter of when. Their password service is only accessible if you have electric power and are on line. My broadband goes down and I am blind. Now, all my emails are on my machine so I can still work. If my PC goes down, I can still use another computer and have access to all that I want via my little book. In light of this, so long as my computer demands a password on start up, then surely that is all that I can expect in the way of security short of a 30 chr code and secondary one to add to the confusion? Please tell me, where am I at risk by keeping it this simple.


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