Text scams are being sent to Americans.

Scam Updates From The PC Matic Helpdesk


What’s come across our desks this week for scams? Well, according to the Customer Support team for PC Matic, these are the most frequent.

There are two companies in particular we’re seeing scams pop up. Garmin and Netgear customers are finding their way to fraudulent support sites. Additionally, router support scams are on the rise. All three of these are avoidable.

Education Is Key

Making sure you keep yourself educated on how to avoid scams is key. Some tips on avoiding scams:

  • Never do a search for tech support – If you want support from a company, go to their verified website and go through the website’s support system.
  • Do not give your payment information to anyone claiming to be support – Most companies offer support for their products free of charge. If someone asks you for payment information, hang up and go to the company’s verified website.
  • Do not give device access to anyone claiming to be support – Unless you’ve gone through the verified website of a company and reached out to them, giving access to your device could find you being locked out by a hacker.
  • Do not click on email attachments – Phishing is when a scammer sends out email attachments hoping someone will click. These often run malicious scripts on your machine. A default-deny antivirus product like PC Matic will keep these from taking over your machine, but you’re the first line of defense against phishing attacks.
  • Trust your intuition – If something doesn’t feel right, trust your intuition. It’s better to have to start a support ticket over than to be scammed out of money.

A great antivirus product is a key part of your security profile. You, however, are ultimately the one running your programs. Making sure you keep yourself safe from scammers only takes a little research.

Stay safe out there.

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7 thoughts on “Scam Updates From The PC Matic Helpdesk”

  1. I too was scammed by the update software of Garmin GPS. June 2019 was the date and it cost me $150 to get the Geek Squad to remove damage and two weeks downtime. It could have cost me more, but I finally wised up that it was a scam. Garmin does not care if you got scammed trying to update their software apparently. Thank you for the forum, though too late for me, maybe it will help others.
    Thanks PC Matic

  2. I haven’t been able to get my mail lately and wonder if it is linked to Windows. Windows has taken over on my computer and I cannot access my Gmail account. I was amazed to get this mail today! I really need to have the computer I am using to have PCMatic. I have it on my other computer and I will immediately today seek the video PC matic has for downloading, etc. It is way too complicated for me! I will follow step by step. Thanks,
    Any comments on the getting to my Gmail account would be wonderful!

  3. I got urgent message saying my account will be closed if not updating account The name of bank was jpmorgane. It had and e at the end. went to my bank web and found no notices. Got 3 of them in the last month

  4. William J Stringfield

    Plugged my Garmin GPS into my computer to upgrade it. After a few minutes,during the upgrade,a screen popped up that my drivers were corrupted! Thinking this was all through Garmin, I got sucked into their scam! Thank goodness my grandson came into the room and realized what was going on! He told me to hang up and shut every thing down! Thank goodness my credit union declined the unusual charges!Not a computer whiz myself,but thought I was smarter than to be caught up in this type scam! I still believe,for every dollar you earn,someone,somewhere is trying to figure how to steal two dollars from you! Be careful!

  5. Had a call from someone who claimed he was with Microsoft, and there was a problem with the PC Matic program, and he would fix it if I let him into my computer. My first clue was the East Indian accent, and give me a call back number for his supervisor, to which he hung up.

    Thanks PC Matic

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