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Which PC Matic Product is Best

It’s All About What You Need

PC Matic always strives to provide our customers with superior protection. Frequently, we get questions about what product is best. There’s an assumption that the Pro product is better protection because it’s “Pro,” but that’s not necessarily the case.

Our products are built to fit your needs. Because of this, the best PC Matic product is really all about what’s best for you. Many small businesses feel they need Pro because it is a business tool, but the features may be more than what you need.

Let’s take a look at PC Matic Pro vs. PC Matic Home (Consumer).

Pro Vs. Home

As you can see, the malware protection is the same no matter what product you have. The biggest difference is the the tools.

For home users or small businesses with less than 10 computers, the Consumer product is the way to go. It provides all of the amazing protection PC Matic offers, plus manageable tools for optimizing your PC. The Consumer product also offers protection from brute force attacks.

A business with more than 10 machines would benefit more from the Pro product. The features built in help IT directors manage multiple machines in multiple locations from a single place. Even if all of your machines are in the same building, the monitoring and management is streamlined through the Pro console.

A Business Product For The Future

PC Matic has been using a default-deny approach since the beginning. When we launched our business product 5 years ago, we changed the game. Until then, Endpoint Suite management was still operating on an Always-Allow technology.

This meant that companies hit with the newest strains of malware weren’t protected. Instead, they were essentially guinea pigs for finding new threats. PC Matic’s approach has been used in small and medium sized businesses, at non-profit organizations, and in educational institutions since 2015.

Our business customers aren’t guinea pigs, they’re valued members of our community. And our community keeps growing. We receive new inquiries daily for new businesses who were referred by a current business customer.

Similarly, we have home customers who’ve been with us for years reaching out because they realized we provide protection for business. They want the same great protection at their company that they have in their home. We want that too.

For More Information

Know someone who could benefit from learning about PC Matic Pro for businesses? Ask for more information on PC Matic products by visiting the PC Matic website.

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  1. Phillip G. Taylor

    You do run your program scanning my lap top to take care of any and all malware, virus and slow downs. It was a great investment for me my three computers.

  2. Hello, I was interested in protecting my router article but there is not link to read further. Can you fix this please

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