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PC Matic and a Trio of Awards

Taking Home The Gold (and Silver and Bronze)

Network PG released its 2020 IT World Awards. The contestants for this award are individuals and organizations private or public, corporations, for-profit, and nonprofits, large, medium, and small, associations, vendors and government organizations worldwide.

The IT World Awards are industry and peer recognition from Network Products Guide honoring achievements and recognition of world’s best in organizational performance, products and services, hot technologies, executives and management teams, successful deployments, product management and engineering, customer satisfaction, and public relations in every area of information technology.

PC Matic took Gold in Best IT Company of the Year – Security Software. We then took Silver in Application Security Testing. Finally, we rounded out our trio of awards with Bronze in Hot Company of the Year – Security Software.

It’s always an honor to compete internationally and be placed so high. We believe in our products and are excited to be recognized for our work.

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46 thoughts on “PC Matic and a Trio of Awards”


  2. Continue! You are producing trusted software in a difficult area and a challenging time that everyone should use before they’re hurt. You have shown me so many opportunities for harm and prevented each and everyone. Well Done and you deserved those awards.

  3. I really liked the fact that PC Matic is an American company. I have called a few times with questions and I have always spoken to someone that I could understand if they had an accent it was not noticeable to me. I have trouble hearing so it’s important to speak to someone without a heavy accent. The advertisements I see on TV are straightforward and I think very true to the product. Thank you for providing this peace of mind.

    1. Hi James,

      PC Matic does not offer phone support for the Home product. We want to make sure you aren’t getting scammed. For all support issues, please visit PC Matic Support to make sure you’re communicating with a verified PC Matic representative.

  4. I am very pleased with our coverage by PC Matic and we are always being scanned regularly so we feel a peace of mind that we didn’t have with prior internet security firms. Great Job PCM

  5. I have repaired many computers in my day and yet have NOT found anything better than PCMATIC. Recommend to all my customers.

  6. My computer couldn’t make it without pcmatic, I have been using pcmatic since 2012!!! I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my computer .

  7. I am a PC Matic customer and have been for some time and have always appreciated their service. The virus has altered life for the whole world my wife and I are both retired o the effect on us has been minimal.

  8. Use PC Matic for the financial computer(s) for a 503(c)3 intentity for the past 4 years. Upgraded to life time this year. Very pleased with security and continued tips for staying safe.

  9. I love PC matic. I have one problem, I can’t get my android phone to check the phone as my computer. I downloaded the PC application, it does not run the check program.

  10. Charlene Wiese Perisho

    I really love PC Matic. I don’t use my computer a lot but since I installed PC Matic I have had no problems with lockup’s or viruses. I spent 30 years in the US Marine Corps and learned just enough about computers to be dangerous. I’m in my 70’s so my generation is not the razors edge with technology. Thanks again for your awesome product. Semper Fi!

  11. PC Matic was like a hero on the scene when in the midst of constant online assaults I bought their protection service. While I thought it was another risk
    as they were new and they were a bargain, they are invaluable for the peace of mind they afford me. I am proud of their growth and wish them the best as the best because they are in America . I highly recommend PC Matic.

  12. I have been extremely satisfied with the security that has been provided by your products. You are very competitive on price which helped me to give you a try. Thanks for a great set of products at a reasonable price.

  13. I am still getting ads from Norton telling me i do not have protection on my computer or another one will pop up telling me I have a Trojan Horse or a virus. Here is one telling me I have viruses Click to protect mt data.

  14. Quality of laptop is more important than quantity of laptops. I am flooded with a poor designed student laptop that fails. The model makes me think seriously about ordering from another company. 4000 units and the designers did not think to make the laptop sturdy for students.

  15. I’m 67 and I didn’t think I would have the kind of control over my computer as you have mentioned. That’s why I have PC MATIC installed. What I don’t know, PC MATIC takes care of for me. Thanks!

  16. We are retired but do charity work through volunteer construction. COVID has not greatly affected what we do. We took the summer off but are back working now.

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