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Free AV Hacked

Another Indictment

A second round of indictments by the US Department of Justice charged hacker group “Apt41” with using Anvisoft antivirus software with hacking. The report from safety leaders KnowBe4 lists the details.

The Chinese based group is said to have infected over 100 of their customers. Some of the victims were through “supply chain attacks” where the hackers compromised and modified legitimate software code to extend to other customers.

“The Department of Justice release makes no mention of specific involvement of the AV software, but given APT41’s use of supply chain attacks, it makes sense that they would put the same code into Anvisoft’s product to facilitate access to customer networks.” Says KnowBe4.

Free Isn’t Free

The danger in this instance comes from downloading free AV software. We’ve previously mentioned how free software isn’t free. Whether you’re giving up your information or, in this case, compromising your data, there will always be a cost.

To keep yourself protected, only go with trusted and reviewed antivirus. The same goes for other software programs. Free downloads simply aren’t worth the risk.

Furthermore, you should always be wary of software from outside of the United States. We’ve mentioned before that foreign governments can impose rules on the transfer of personal data. American made and maintained software falls singularly under the rule of American privacy laws.

Also consider improving your cyber knowledge. KnowBe4 offers security training for everyone. At the end of the day, the more you know about cyber security, the easier it will be for you to spot something that isn’t quite right.

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7 thoughts on “Free AV Hacked”

  1. Hello white,
    Nice about the Barry Sanchez hackers. They requested for a code before they can work with me on payment after the job is done.


  2. Hacking is not something new these days as hackers are willing to hack anything hackable for some $$$$ . Mostly people get to hire hackers from deep web and must be with the use of TOR but Dark Basin is one of the forum where the hackers who were behind the FCB hack came from. Most hackers on there will do anything to keep their customers coming even to the point of NO upfront involved. I got a phone hack from Barrysanchez AT hackermail . co m and they were also on the same forum. They had 89% phone hack services hence I hired their services . FYI it took 9 hours to hack a Samsung phone with the IMEI number inclusive .

  3. I am 69 years old and I often use my iPhone and my Lenovo laptop for pretty simple browsing and email reading. I am not very Davy when it comes to the use of all options available to me on these gadgets. I am very concerned with all the attempts to scam me and my wife. Every day I receive phone calls from all sorts as well as attempts to get to our Info. Would PC Magic help me? We have two iPhones a Lenovo laptop and a past due to be replaced iPad that my wife uses to get email and browse the Internet.
    Thank you very much.
    Stephen Borders

  4. To keep yourself protected, only go with trusted and reviewed antivirus. The same goes for other software programs. Free downloads simply aren’t worth the risk.

    You should have put this all in CAPS!

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