Linux Servers Attacked By Ransomware

A New Frontier For Ransomware

Die hard MAC and Linux users have always had one thing in common, they’ve enjoyed the ability to skirt ransomware in ways Windows users have not. That is, until recently.

2020 has certainly been the year of things changing. While ransomware attacks are through the roof, we’ve heard increasingly about attacks on MACs. Now, Linux joins the party as cybercriminals have found their way into the servers.

A new file-encrypting Trojan called RansomEXX that attacks Linux¬†machines has been discovered. The Trojan is highly targeted, with the name of the targeted entity embedded in each instance of discovered code. This threat isn’t just hypothetical either, the Texas Department of Transportation and Konica Minolta have already fallen victim.

While this Trojan has been infecting Windows machines for a long time, these are the first instances of it finding its way into Linux. Nothing is infallible, and making sure you have a solid security plan in place is your best defense against ransomware.

Photo by Arian Darvishi on Unsplash

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