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User Interface (UI) is so important for any product. If you don’t have an easy way to use your software, you probably won’t use it at all. And that’s not great when it’s software meant to keep you protected online.

Then again, if a product is constantly changing, it becomes annoying trying to figure out where all the features you just figured out are now located. So there’s a balance between a healthy update and changing it because someone didn’t like the placement of a button or the swoop of a font.

PC Matic 4.0 is a beautiful new interface that keeps everything working the way you’re used to with your consumer portal. We’ve updated some information. Getting support is easier. And knowing what’s running on your machines and where to see it is simple.

Take a look at the video below to learn all about the new interface. We hope you enjoy!

Let James take you on a walkthrough of your new PC Matic UI

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14 thoughts on “PC Matic’s New Look

  1. I liked the old system much better and I had a lot more control of things there that I still think I should have, Also where is the world ranking? I liked seeing that and it told me if my system had slowed down, which this particular one has. The new system, while possibly better and more convenient for you folks, is not so for us! I used to recommend PC Matic to all my friends but no more, it has gone down hill badly with this “new update.” It’s not good! Me thinks new management must have taken over and they’re changing things just for the sake of change and not for the good of your customers.


    • Hi Diane,

      It looks like our support reached out to you today, the 20th, the 6th, January 20th, January 19th, January 9th, and December 13. If you haven’t received any of these, please check your spam folder and any filters in your email. Or you could reach out again and provide an alternate email.

      Thank you.

  3. I like the old PCMatic version much better. Scans are very long–hours, and status page is near worthless. Defrag is gone — use windows defrag– OK. REFUND part of my fee. I cannot get the whole screen on my laptop and cannot scroll to bottom of the page. You need to go back to the previous version and/or provide your customers with the option of cancelling with a refund. I am close to abandoning the product.

  4. Unfortunately the changes made are not good, pcmatic is running at the moment and has been for the best part of 40 mins, it never used to take this long, it is now really slow, I don’t get the option to review the intended changes and if I don’t want certain things changed I could whitelist on the review page, not now it automatically makes the changes regardless of what I want, usually services changed from run automatically to manual then when I try to start something usually VPN it won’t start, have to change the service back only to have pcmatic change it again next time.
    What happened to keeping it simple, quick and user friendly and there was nothing wrong with the previous progress bar, didn’t have to look for it, it was there for all to see from a distance. It has just finished it has deleted one of my programs as a virus(paid for program) I will now reinstall it as this is a false positive, could have stopped this given the opporunity.

  5. I been using long time like the old one better window would pop up showing what its scanning and it does not defrag no more doing full scan been over 4 hours does not seem any quicker. I just renew this month should had told was updating to new one.

  6. My pcmatic hasn’t worked for a week or so. I keep asking for help. I am technology challenged and I am unable to follow the simplest instructions. Can someone please help me. My phone number is as follows:
    James Hook [REDACTED]. Thanking you in advance……Old and dumb.

  7. Like the new look. I was hoping to add apps and folders on my system to the whitelist manually without the warning everytime I open one of them.

  8. The newest version of PCMatic has removed some of the features I’ve used on a regular basis. Please include the defragment feature as it will save my hard drives from slowing unnecessarily,

  9. Looks good except that the small ‘Scan’ activity “red eye” if found a issue. When a scan is in process I usually do other stuff in my office and keep my eye (a blue one if that is relevant!!), but the small feature does not tell me what is happening, or if it has finished that scan. Maybe something bigger or brighter or….whatever would help me.

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