Text scams are being sent to Americans.

A Scam Alert From the PC Matic Team

Spotting A Scam

We talk a lot about spotting scams and what you can do to protect yourself. And when a new scam crosses our desk, we like to keep you updated. You have to be able to spot a scam, though, and this is where education and common sense comes in.

First, if it “looks weird,” you should double check it. An email may come in with a slightly different format. You may also see a popup on a website prompting you for information. If this feels off in any way, it’s best to delete the email or leave the site.

Additionally, I think we should all know by now that legitimate companies are not calling you and asking for financial information. And if that wasn’t something you were aware of, let me tell you that legitimate companies are not calling you and asking for financial information.

Last but not least, do NOT do a web search for customer service numbers. So many people get scammed this way. Go to the company’s verified website and there ONLY. If there isn’t a phone number (sometimes there isn’t) then use their method of contacting them. Don’t turn around and search for a phone number. You’re GOING to get scammed.

New PC Matic Scam

Now that we know about spotting scams, here’s an update from the PC Matic helpdesk. This was reported this morning, and we want to make sure you’re informed.

PC Matic Scam

See that number? We will never ask you to call a number. Also, we’ll use your name. We have the name you used at sign-up on file. I promise we won’t throw you in anonymously with everyone else. Lastly, we’ll always route you through our Support Page for any changes in your account.

We can’t stop these scammers from sending the info out, but we can all work together to keep you from becoming a victim.

Stay safe out there!

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32 thoughts on “A Scam Alert From the PC Matic Team”

  1. John Wayne Stapler Wayne Stapler

    Please provide a Support Telephone number whereas your Customers can contact you for questions, and will be able to get in touch with someone. I have called many times and held ever so long and never had someone answer to speak to me. It just seems to be a never ending loop around with never gaining contact with a live person.

  2. Randal Kirk Joslyn

    I’ve had your service for 3 or 4 years and not one problem on a tablet, computer, my wifes extremely old laptop that won’t die and of course the phone. Excellent service, flawless application and virtually titanium like strenth. Thanks Ladies and Gentlemen,


  3. The scammers use such broken English and poor grammar I have no trouble spotting them in that way, but then all the information is off as well. It makes me think the companies I frequent have monkeys doing their customer service letters.

    I am so much happier now with PC Matic than I was with Norton and McAffee. Whenever I have to buy a new computer with pre-loaded security I just skip it now. No free trials anymore. I am so happy with my American product!
    Thanks for such excellent service and products.


  5. Just wondering how the scammers would know I am with PC Matic to send me an email? Was there a breach at PC Matic or maybe a breach on my system? I’m not sure how my email gets out there for scammers. Thank you and thank you for this alert.

    1. Hi Kelly,

      There are a number of reasons they can have this information. It’s most likely the customer who received this had searched for PC Matic support and contacted a fraudulent support line. Scammers can get this information without ever breaching a company or your email. But to answer your question directly, no there is no PC Matic breach.

  6. Thank you. One way I know an email is a scam is when there are spelling or grammatical errors. MOST email scams I get have multiple issues, usually with past, present or future tense uses, and singular vs. plural uses. Glad to know English majors aren’t scamming people. Haha.

  7. Thanks to PC Matic for great protection, help when I need it, and the peace of mind all THAT brings. Thanks to all the subscribers/users who share their experiences with spam and online fraud! I’ve been greatly educated from your posts. I am computer challenged and appreciate the education!

  8. Haven’t had that one–yet.
    But I’m starting to receive a number of the ‘African’ ‘$800,000’ has been left in your name type scams. (Love the ones that start with “Hello Dear” from a ‘Mrs.’ something or other! Ha!)

    I just mark them Phishing or Block them–is that the best course of action?


  9. Your service is excellent, but what’s best, my wife is very comfortable with it on her computer. That’s important to me because she does a ton of surfing. Thank you.

  10. I have complete faith in your company to inform all of your customers about being scammed. Keep your commitment of excellent customer service.

  11. Peggy Ware Lindsay

    I was just telling a colleague yesterday about the excellent malware protection I have found in PC Matic. I first saw your ad watching the news and you touted 99% free of malware threats—and you delivered on this promise.
    All other companies I have used didn’t catch many of the threats.
    PC Matic far exceeds my expectations.
    It’s like a fail proof security system to all my computers.
    Thank you for showing us Customer Service Satisfaction does still exist!!
    Very Happy with your product.
    THANK YOU!!!

  12. More of a question and I’ll reply, what if anything can one do when you receive what appears to be a scam email? I ask as I’ve had a few come in where the names of the companies have an extra letter and it certainly appeared they were fraudulent.

  13. I used McAfee for a while until I got a virus and had to run a start up disc to get my computer back. Switched to Norton, was using Windows XP. Got message that Microsoft no longer supported XP and my computer was running so slow it was terrible. Switched to PC Magic my Windows XP speed improved so that I was able to use a couple of years. Now running Microsoft’s window 10. As I was using my computer today my screen locked up and got a message “Microsoft Alert your computer has been attached by a pornographic program, do not turn off computer call this number. I called number and person who answered had me to press windows symbol on keyboard along with the letter R. A box appeared in bottom left of screen asking for information. I asked individual if there would be a charge and he said yes a one time charge. I hung up. Reported to Microsoft.

  14. What happened to the defrag? You have THE BEST anti-everything that I have seen or used period !

    Larry F.

  15. I had a new scam today from Best Buy Geek squad. They said they charged my account for a renewable Warenty on my TV purchase $357.00 when I called the number it was the same man that pulled this scam another time. He said to refund me he had to go into my programs etc. I hung up on him. Tried calling the Geek squad but couldn”t get an answer on the phone.

  16. I love having your protection. Peace of mind is the most important thing to me at my advanced age. I will be 80 this year and I am thankful for that and you and your team.

  17. I have had soo many different security carriers. But I have found that YOU HAVE BEEN THE BEST. thank you so much. Jim mccloskey.

  18. This is something I got today no doubt a scam:
    order is on its way!2
    To: [REDACTED]
    Mon, Feb 1 at 7:18 AM

    Your order number: – FS-7543-9843
    This is your receipt make sure to print or save a copy for your records.
    Your order has been shipped through online delivery.
    If you want to cancel this order, give us call on Toll-Free Number: +1 (339) 970-5557.

    Description Quantity Unit Price Total Price
    Firewall Protection 1 $549.99 $549.99

    Your Order Information:
    Order Number: FS-7543-9843
    Order Date: 01/02/2021
    Items Ordered: 1 Your Billing Information:
    Total Amount: $549.99
    Payment Method:Visa/Credit/Debit/Card/PayPal/Master
    Your Shipping Details:
    Shipping Method: Online
    Product Details: Download File

    Thank you for your recent order with us. If you have any question or want a refund for this order, Please call on our Toll-Free Number: +1 (339) 970-5557.

    Thank You
    General Manager
    Edward Nielsen

    To which I responded: I never ordered this and will refuse it.

  19. Margaret J Wainwright

    I have had Norton, McAfee (which I received more spam than ever), and have tried many other protective measures.
    Since starting with PCmatic a year ago, I have had absolutely no issue and feel as safe as in my mother’s womb.
    Was skeptical at first, so it took me years to give it a shot, but am so satisfied with your service. Now all I have to
    worry about is COVID19 mutations!
    Thank you so much for being there, here!

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