NYC Organization Aspires to Zero-Trust Environment

The New York City Cyber Command is a centralized organization that, “works across more than 100 agencies and offices to prevent, detect, respond and recover from cyberthreats.” And their goal is to make the city the most resilient in the world.

As the pandemic took hold last year, Cyber Command went to work ensuring New Yorkers would be able to work remotely without the worries of cyberthreats. They say they were able to make the shift in a single day due to their work in advancing cybersecurity.

But now they’re setting their sites on a new goal; building a zero-trust environment across the city. They feel this is necessary for the entire municipal government not just because it’s “a neat idea,” but also because it’s the most effective method of protection.

As cyber attacks continue to rise, the New York City Cyber Command organization is determined to be ready.

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