PC Matic University Windows

Do You Know Windows?

If you read our last post about class four, Malware, you should be ready to dive into this class. The latest in the PC Matic University (PCMU) lineup is a comprehensive look at the Windows operating system.

I would start at the Vimeo channel and work your way through the videos there before taking the quiz. You can hop to our Vimeo here or watch the videos below.

The PCMU Windows Ins and Outs Series

Once again, James will be your guide through the PCMU informative series. He’s going to take you through an explanation of your operating system, Updates, and a variety of other functions. If you’ve been looking for a little more than basics, this is the series for you.

Afterwards, jump on the quiz and see how much you’ve learned. We also want to hear from you in the comments below and on our social media channels.

How is PCMU working for you? What have you learned? Is there anything else you’d like us to cover? We want to keep you informed, so please drop us a line!

And, as always, stay safe out there.

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  1. My wife and i are 88, &90+,we do not use the computer much, do not e mail andneed lots of help. electronics pased us by about 10 years ago. we would like to have speech to text back on our computer.please respond we will get back to you ,it may take a while. thank you . jerry & Barbara.

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