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FBI Warning of PYSA Ransomware Attack on Education

FBI announces education ransomware attack warning. The FBI released a TLP:WHITE Flash alerting of an increased awareness of PYSA ransomware attacks on educational institutions in the US and the UK. In the report, they show examples of the characteristics of the compromise and domains associated.

Furthermore, the FBI urges victims to not pay the ransomware demands as the money will only continue to fund further ransomware attacks.

Victims are also urged to report any attack to the Internet Crime Complaint Center for further investigation.

Listed in the alert are suggestions of mitigation techniques if you feel you may be experiencing a cybersecurity event. Remember that reporting and working with authorities will help provide them with continuing knowledge of threat actors.

Undeniably, PYSA ransom incidents can occur from anywhere in the world. By reporting incidents this knowledge helps create more sophisticated methods of tracking and catching cyber criminals.

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Actions to Take when the FBI Issues an Education Ransomware Warning

If your school has impacts due to a cyber incident, get help from cybersecurity professionals. Finally, read more about ransomware and how to protect your organization from becoming the next ransomware victim.

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