Ransomware Refunds

This week, MSSP Alert reported that the Ziggy ransomware group was calling it quits. On top of that, they’ve decided to issue refunds. That sounds unreal, right?

Apparently, fearing law enforcement, the group has decided to issue the refunds. This is a step in the right direction for those looking for assistance from law enforcement in shutting down ransomware gangs. Meanwhile, international enforcement teams were successful in January in shutting down the Emotet botnet. A collaboration of 8 countries, the US included, helped achieve this major milestone.

The dismantling of Emotet, and the refunds being issued by Ziggy, are hopefully steps in the right direction. Ransomware is exploding. First came the SolarWinds hack, then the Facebook, and now the Accellion. Next will be… who knows? Hopefully the law enforcement advancements lead to more crackdowns.

Until then, however, spread the news about the Ziggy refund. And stay safe out there.

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