PC Matic Launches Unlimited Support Program

PC Matic Plus

You’ve been asking for phone support, and we listened. But you know we couldn’t just offer phone support. We had to give you the superior experience you’re used to from PC Matic. So we’d like to introduce PC Matic+.

PC Matic Plus is an unlimited, multi-device service. What does that mean? Unlimited support for all the devices in your home, not just your PC Matic compatible devices. In addition to your computers and mobile devices, PC Matic+ can assist with printers and routers as well. But we’re not forgetting about your PC Matic needs. You’ll still receive unlimited support and training for PC Matic with this new service.

When and How?

Want to talk to someone on the phone? PC Matic+ covers that. But what if email is your favorite? You can do that too. Busy on the phone and need a chat box? That is also an option. Are you completely flummoxed and in need of someone to remote in and do something for you on your computer? You guessed it, PC Matic+ can do that too. And it’s all done by US based technicians.

And it doesn’t matter when you need support, PC Matic+ is 24/7. So if you come home from work at 6pm to find an offline printer that you just can’t restore, give us a call. Did your router go haywire while writing that term paper at 3am? We’ve got you. Unlimited, 24/7 support means you have the freedom to use your technology how you want.

How Much?

I always find it so frustrating when I’m looking at a new product and the company doesn’t want to tell me how much it costs. PC Matic+ is going to be $100 a year, but you can snag it now for $75 for the first year. Even at the regular price, it’s half what the other guys are charging for support that isn’t unlimited. It’s a pretty great deal.

“But do I have to pay for support now?” PC Matic+ is additional, unlimited, multi-device support. Our PC Matic Support Team is still here, and still included, with the purchase of your PC Matic product. That’s a service we believe you deserve. But we urge you to try out PC Matic+ for all of it’s amazing benefits. We know you’re going to love it.

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24 thoughts on “PC Matic Launches Unlimited Support Program”

  1. Camille Wieder

    Will this new Plus service also help with networking my home computers? I’m not clear on just what services would be included.

  2. Dr. Thomas S. Stein

    I have had “EVERGREEN” service for quite some time. I do not want to disturb or interrupt this service. Will this new service change or require anything else of me?

    1. Hi Dr. Stein,

      This is a completely optional service. Nothing will change with your current subscription.

  3. I have had evergreen for years when they first offered it, and never had any issues, (except when I messed up) I am very satisfied and they send reports on all 4 – 5 of my devices each month telling what they have done. I get notices each time they stopped a virus, worm, etc. They have always responded within 24 hrs or less, unless there is a holiday in the mix. I am very happy, if fact I suggested to our church the same for life program I have and to put it on all our church computers. So, so far “Happy Campers Here”!

  4. I’ve been a simple computer hobbyist since the days of the Commodore 64 and Tandy 286s. And I’m so very glad to have discovered “PC Pitstop” back in the very beginning, 1999. And now — between children, grandchildren, an octogenarian mother and a nonagenarian mother-in-law — we have PC Matic Lifetime installed on nine PCs (still trying to decide who’ll get the 10th slot) with Supershield activated on all of them. We get immediate reports on individual PCs and a monthly report on total group tuneup activity, and I especially enjoy having the ability to schedule ONE global scan for ALL of our computers. We had two laptops in particular that caused me grief for years and it wasn’t until we installed PC Matic on them that requests for assistance have all but ended. I’ve always gotten responses to requests for assistance — or just running ideas past experts — usually within hours. Thank you Rob Cheng and PC Matic. You’ve made my life much easier.

  5. I have PC Matic Evergreen and absolutely love it. You cover my desktop, personal laptop, work laptop, tablet and cell phone. I get emails from you every time you clean one of my devices which is almost every time I turn on a device. Security is of great importance to me as I do medical insurance billing and coding and don’t want to violate any HIPAA laws.

  6. I have asked assistance for the last three days. Three separate emails and I have still not got a response.

    1. Hi Earl,

      It looks like there is a response to your email in our ticketing system. Did you check your spam folder?

  7. Richard kleiboer

    PC Matic works fine on my two cp’s. If I want to see it work or results I just run a manual scan and look at results. I can schedule daily, weekly or monthly. I look at results once a week to see if any problems, such as blocked virus, blocked apps. etc..
    I would sign up for life time but have already payed two years. Thus $50 time two=$100, ;
    Life=$150 right?? I should get lifetime for $50 dollars more, right??
    Richard K.

  8. What if you already subscribe to PC Matic will you have to pay a fee for this service or will you include it with my evergreen subscription?

    1. Hi Kimberly,

      Your PC Matic subscription comes with our outstanding Support team included! They’ll be there to help with any PC Matic related issues. This, on the other hand, is an unlimited support system not just for our software but for your hardware as well.

  9. Valerie Crockett

    I am a lifetime subscriber to PC Matic, and due to renew PC Magnum in a few days. Please clarify the differences between what I have and what PC Matic+ would provide.

  10. I’ve been interested in your service since your band ads. Love it!! But, do you offer VPN? I’m beginning to do trading on line and think a VPN would be beneficial. What do you think? My daughter seems to be non committal, my only other source of info…

  11. I have your service on 4 computers and have no idea what you do as it seems to a secret, I never see your service doing anything, no contact but for e-mails that announce new services but nothing about what you do full time for me. If you are providing a service to police my computer s I have no idea since nothing comes of it, what and how are you servicing me??

  12. John L Quackenbush

    I had my computer worked on a while back and they removed my PC Matic subscription.
    I needed a firewall, an antivirus and something to keep my personal information from getting
    out when I email someone.
    Would you please put PCMatic w/icon back on my computer. I would really like to talk to
    one of your experts. I would subscribe to your new Service but need help from you to get that done. My telephone number is [REDACTED] if you would help me.

  13. I do not hear from you on managing my computer, no idea what bought or if it works at all. you tried to get into my apple comp the other day and asked me to open up the portal but I do not know what you do. there should be a report once in awhile to report what payed you for.

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