Cyber Security Conference awards PC Matic for protecting business and industry from cyber threats.

PC Matic Receives 2021 South Carolina Cyber Security Award for Industry

On Tuesday, May 25th, PC Matic received 2021 South Carolina Cyber Security Award for Industry at the Cybersecurity Summit. CYBERSC presented the award to PC Matic’s founder and owner, Rob Cheng. CYBERSC is a volunteer-led, initiative with a focus on expanding the conversation about cyber-education in the Palmetto State.

Chamber of Commerce CEO, Bob Morgan, presented the award to PC Matic founder and CEO, Rob Cheng. PC Matic is a South Carolina based company who is a big part of the local economy. Furthermore, PC Matic is a champion of American business, especially in South Carolina.

“It’s always an honor to be recognized in your own community”, says Rob Cheng.

Rob Cheng of PC Matic Receives the Cyber Award on behalf of PC Matic.

The Cyber Award for Protecting Business & Industry
Goes to PC Matic – America’s Antivirus Company

The South Carolina Cyber Conference designs its programs with the businesses community in mind. Broadband and information technology are factors impacting new markets, small and large businesses. However, those businesses need a cybersecurity strategy to protect their infrastructure and customer data from growing cybersecurity threats.

“This event will teach businesses to mitigate cybersecurity risks to identify and prepare for potential threats. It will also provide a primer on cybersecurity’s economic impact and how it can affect our state’s infrastructure.” Read more about the South Carolina Cyber Conference Award at PC Matic Cyber Security Award SC.

PC Matic is proud to be a leader in the business cybersecurity space. In addition to holding a patent for our whitelist technology, we recognize the push towards strengthening cyber-protection through better cybersecurity practices. We will continue striving towards a more secure cyberspace for South Carolina and the entire US.

Understand Your Industry’s Cyber Risk

Most companies are not aware of the high risk they face from cyber threats including data breaches, malware and ransomware attacks. Furthermore, businesses are also highly susceptible to infection from malicious scripts, phishing, spearphishing, exploits and social engineering.

PC Matic Pro Cyber Security for Business – blocks malicious applications and files from executing through the use of an automated global whitelist. This approach to business network systems security increases cyber protection by completely defending against cyber threats. If an application or file is not on the whitelist, it must be tested by an in-house cyber-threat research team and validated before inclusion. Only if a company’s IT professional whitelists an unlisted application will the program run.

What Is The Best Solution for Endpoint And Server Security

PC Matic Pro, is an endpoint and business server security solution developed by PC Matic Inc. Notably, IT administrators use our patented real-time scanning and application whitelisting to protect U.S. agencies and local governments, municipalities, K-12 school systems and universities. Learn more about PC Matic’s Business Line of Security Software Products @ Cyber Security for Business.

PC Matic is America’s Top Cybersecurity company – completely made in the USA, and is committed to protecting your business through patented whitelist technology, cyber-education, and business enterprise solutions offering the best preventative business threat protection available in cyber security.
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CYBERSC Cyber Education Foundation – CyberSC

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