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Welcome to PC Pitstop! We sincerely hope that you find our site informative, enjoyable, and most importantly that your PC is running faster, more securely and reliably after visiting our site. PC Pitstop opened its doors to the public in March 2000 with the vision of creating a better way for people to diagnose and fine tune their PC’s. The foundation of our site is our online diagnostics which quickly and automatically diagnose most common PC ailments. Since our humble beginnings, millions upon millions of PC’s have been tested on our site. Thanks for all of your support, and in this section, you can learn all there is to know about us.

Behind the Wheel at PC Pitstop

Rob Cheng
Chief Executive Officer
Rob is the former Senior Vice President of Gateway Direct. Rob lives in South Carolina, USA and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Message from Rob
Dave Methvin
Former Chief Technology Officer
Dave is the former Executive Editor at WINDOWS Magazine and a co-author of the book Networking Windows NT. He has been a computer journalist since 1986. Dave lives in Maryland, USA.
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The Pit Crew

Keith Linden
Keith worked 11 years at Gateway, Inc in their product marketing organization. He was appointed Vice President of Sales and Marketing at PC Pitstop in June 2004. He is committed to produce and grow PC Pitstop’s products and services to be the best in the world. Keith lives in South Dakota, USA.

Sheila Molden
Sheila worked as an Executive Assistant at Gateway, Inc. for more than 14 years. She joined PC Pitstop in 1999 keeping track of all the important financial and administrative details and also helps out with Customer Service. Sheila lives in Iowa, USA.

Lyle Schuknecht
Lyle is a former Gateway, Inc. employee with more than 13 years of experience in their operations and marketing organizations. He is responsible for creating coherence out of the gigabytes of PC data in our database. PC Pitstop is committed to analyzing and sharing emerging PC market trends as well as servicing your custom research projects. Lyle lives in Iowa, USA.

Doug Bender
Doug came to PC Pitstop after a 38 year career in the technical side of the USPS, where he was often in the forefront as new technology was being rolled out. At PC Pitstop, he provides technical support for our customers who need assistance. A native Californian, Doug is our West Coast connection and an over-the-hill overclocker.

Corey Munson
Corey comes to PC Pitstop as an 8 year veteran of Gateway, Inc. He is responsible for managing all PC Pitstop marketing campaigns. Corey lives in Iowa, USA.

Steve Hogan
Steve came to PC Pitstop to get help with his computer almost 8 years ago and became interested in overclocking and extreme hardware and cooling. He has been a moderator on the forums and participated in the Overclocking Competitions between members and forums. He also spends time testing the software we offer to make your life easier. Steve is located in Florida, USA.

Mark Lussier
Mark comes to PC Pitstop with 20 years of experience in technology. He was Co-Founder and CTO of Actual Software, purchased by Palm, Inc, June 2000. The e-mail software he developed is now included on nearly every handheld device Palm sells. Mark lives in South Carolina, USA.

Megan Culbertson
Megan graduated as the valedictorian of her high school class and is currently attending college to study ministry. She helps with Customer Service part time. She lives in Iowa, USA.

Augusto Matos
Augusto worked with electronics and telephone systems before working as a Tech Guy for many companies and people for over 10 years. At PC Pitstop he works with drivers, processes, Tips & Tricks for newsletter and Internationalization. Augusto lives in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Rob Woodworth
Rob is from Vermont with a Computer Science degree from the University of Arizona. He utilizes his degree and experience by writing new software and working on existing software for PC Pitstop as one of our software developers. Rob lives in Vermont, USA.

The Moderators at the Pit

No roster would be complete without our dedicated mods at The Pit.

Handle Location
Doug California, USA
Lou Texas, USA
Hammerslammer Alabama, USA
stormy13 Ontario, Canada
IntelGuy California, USA
Jacee Washington, USA
Jazzy Sussex, England
kd5 Ohio, USA
Radio Connecticut, USA
shogan191 Florida, USA
Volt Indiana, USA
Y kawika New York, USA

Need to reach someone at PC Pitstop?

If you have a technical issue (e.g., your PC isn’t working, you’re having trouble with the site, or you want computer advice) we handle all those questions through our forums but you may also find your answer in the frequently asked questions section. For products you have purchased directly from us, please use our customer service page. For business related issues (e.g., you want to advertise or license our technology) please use our contact page.

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About The Pit Crew

PC Pitstop's Pit Crew is committed to providing you with the information you need to keep your PC safe and running like new.