The Generation Gap


This is a look at the PC Matic users by generation or age group. Obviously, age likely plays a significant role in how a PC is used. Our analysis uses four major Generation groupings based on the birth year of the users running our free on-line scans.

Matures (1900 – 1945)

Boomers (1946 – 1964)

Xers (1965 – 1980)

Millennials (1981 – 2003)

The following charts reveal some of the differences between the PCs used by the four generation groups.

Average CPU Speeds Don’t Show the Whole Story

The Younger Generations have Multi-core Processors

Average MIPS are closely correlated to Multi-core processing power

Intel Processors are still found on the majority of PCs.

Installed RAM by Generational Age Groups

The migration to Windows 10 by age bracket.

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