BurnWorld.com: Five Alternatives to MegaUpload


MegaUpload was the largest file-hosting website on the Internet, and millions of people used it to share files, especially large ones. But the FBI shut it down as part of its investigation into piracy, claiming that MegaUpload was violating copyright laws as members shared things like movies, television shows, and music. While the site was definitely used for pirating purposes, it was also used for completely legitimate file-sharing. Now, millions of users don’t have access to their personal files such as work documents and projects. Another good reason to use a reliable online data backup service for the files you want to have a backup of. If the takedown of MegaUpload has affected you, there are other websites you can use to host and share your important files. Here are five alternatives to MegaUpload you can try.

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BurnWorld.com: 3 Hard Drive Types To Protect Your Data

Hard drives come in multiple formats to allow users to store data in the most convenient way. It’s essential to keep important data such as documents, photos and videos protected and easy to access for your needs. The three main types of hard drives used currently are USB “thumb” drives, traditional Hard Disk Drives (HDD) that have been around for decades, and the newest form—Solid State Drive or SSD.

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BurnWorld.com: Top 5 iPad Competitors to Consider This Christmas

The iPad is a great tablet, but it’s not the only tablet. While there was a time where it was the only high-performance tablet on the market, that time has passed. There are now a number of high-powered tablets running Android. We even did a comparison between the iPad and the Kindle Fire last week. These tablets include premium specs such as 10-inch screens, dual-core processors and overall solid hardware. If the iPad just isn’t for you, a number of these tablets could fit your needs. Here, we take a look at the top 5 iPad competitors to keep an eye on this holiday season.

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