Top 10 Notepad Alternatives


We decided to rank the most popular Notepad alternatives and the multitude of free alternatives that can expand Notepad’s feature set.

How Vulnerable Are You?


There is another front on the war against malware and the internet thieves that want to rob us of our money and identities.

How Secure is your Email?


There are two distinct types of security holes that threaten your identity and your life as you know it.

The Anatomy of a Virus

The most common virus in the wild is called the Department of Justice Virus. The virus locks your computer and requests a bounty of $300 to unlock your computer and avoid government prosecution.

The Malware Storm


We are at a crossroads. Like a decade ago, will the people conquer over the criminals that make viruses today? Unfortunately, Microsoft has lost its focus on making a great and secure operating system.

Uninstall Java Now!


The Department of Homeland Security recently recommended that everyone disable Java. We at PC Pitstop will go one step further and recommend that everyone uninstall Java immediately. Here is why Java is such a threat to your computer, security, data and your identity.

The Kings of Junk Mail


It has happened to all of us. You open your inbox to be deluged by junk. Instead of reading relevant email from business correspondents, good friends and family, your email has been sold to the highest bidder to see if you need a new mortgage or a new bounce in your sex life. Thanks to SPAM filters and the like, this intrusion to our email has been throttled back to a dull roar. At least it is manageable and not overly annoying.

Top 10 Malware Applications

digging deep into windows 7 defrag

Welcome to all PC Matic and Super Shield users. Someone asked me the other day, “How many viruses are running around out there?” That’s a great question. If you read all the press, there are millions and millions of viruses out there constantly trying to attack our computers and get our credit cards. I usually take all of those reports with a grain of salt, since the people making these reports want us to buy more of their security software. Then it occurred to me. We actually know the answer to this exact question based on the experience of our Super Shield installed base.

Microsoft’s Most Popular Software Applications

At PC Pitstop, with the success of PC Matic and Super Shield, we now have a very large and active user base. On top of that, these cloud based applications proivde us with a unique look into how computers are being used. In this article, we share some of these amazing insights and take a closer look at the Microsoft applications that are being used the most.

Windows 8 – The View from the Inside

windows 8 - the view from the inside

At PC Pitstop, we have a very unique view of the upcoming launch of Windows 8. On one hand, we are part of the Windows universe, and to the extent that Windows 8 is successful, then that is good for PC Pitstop. On the other hand, PC Pitstop and PC Matic exist to fix and repair many of the bone headed ‘features’ in Windows.

What To Do When Your Email Is Hacked

It happens all the time. In fact, in the last two days, both my mother and my aunt have had their email hacked. When your email is hacked, it is potentially a very dangerous situation. Quick and decisive action is absolutely required.

Google – Stop Following Me

google privacyDear Google: I am writing to tell you one important fact. I bought the Sony NEX-5N camera. As you know, a friend of mine contacted me through my Gmail account, because he had recently purchased the Sony and he was ecstatic. I purchased the camera with the 19-55 mm lens, and then I also purchased the 55-200 lens as well. If you must know, I also purchased a bag, a tripod, and some filters. I paid roughly $1000 from and used my personal credit card. The stuff arrived about a week later, and I paid my Visa bill one month later.

How To Remove All The Crap From A Brand New Computer

You just bought a brand new computer, and you are so excited on getting back and getting it up and running. It hasn’t been in the news much, but new PC’s just keep getting slower and slower. It makes sense because the slower the PC is, the less time it will last, and hence the sooner you buy a new computer. That’s their plan.