PC Pitstop Newsletter March 2009 #2

    Long Live the PC
    Windows 7 Tweaks
    Ask the Pros – Free Security
    Follow Us on Twitter
    Introducing Chris Pirillo
    Bits from Bill: Conflicker April Fool’s Doom
    TechBite: 6 Handy Web Tools
    Technologizer: IE8 Web Slices
    Chris Pirillo Video: How to Open Mysterious Files
    Life Online Survey
    March Madness Contest Standings
    Tip #1: Share Tabs
    Tip #2: Shortcuts to online services
    PC Pitstop Driver Library

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PC Pitstop March 2009 Newsletter

    Win $100,000
    Browser Wars II
    Dream Your Perfect PC
    Ask the Pros – Memory & Water
    Get H&R Block Tax Cut Free
    Bits from Bill: Auto Updates & New PCs Fail
    TechBite: 7 Free Tools to Make Your PC Smile
    Technologizer: Last Rites for Circuit City
    Money Saving Tips (Continued)
    New Survey – Your Online Life
    Research Update – Software Trends
    Tip #1: WINK
    Tip #2: Insert Tables in Word 2007
    Tip #3: Instant Eyedropper

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November 2008 Newsletter

  • Ultimate PC Tune Up Guide
  • Fighting Scareware
  • Laptop Fires Trigger New Recalls
  • “Trail of Toxic Waste”
  • Bits from Bill: The Truth Behind Windows 7
  • Election Poll & Survey Results
  • Average Desktop CPU Speed Slows?
  • Survey: Our Digital World
  • Tip #1: Windows Recovery Environment
  • Tip #2: System Restore with No Reboot
  • Tip #3: Favorites & Good Bookmarks
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    September 2008 Newsletter

  • *OverDrive 3D Benchmark
  • *Virus Wars I
  • *IE 8 Rains on Firefox Parade
  • *Bits from Bill: Whats Wrong with Toolbars
  • *Bits from Bill: Google Enters Browser War
  • *Malware Survey Results
  • *Women Forget More Than Men
  • *Online Backup Survey
  • *Tip #1: Browser Keyboard Shortcuts
  • *Tip #2: XP Home Security Tab
  • *Tip #3: Tip for Encoding with Nero 8
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    August 2008 Newsletter

    *The Hard Drive of the Future
    *Software is Wasting Your Cores
    *OverDrive – Once Is Never Enough
    *A Faster PC – In ‘Any’ Language
    *Bits from Bill: Top Sources of Free Software
    *Malware Survey
    *Pitstop Research: CPU Olympics
    *Tip #1: XP Tweak Myths
    *Tip #2: Remove Old Java Installs
    *Tip #3: Print Folder File List

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