Devin Bergin

How To: Repair Windows Vista

Sometimes your computer gets in rough shape and needs to be reverted back to it’s original state. However, no one wants to lose all of the software, settings, or documents and pictures you have accumulated. So Microsoft often offers the ability to do a repair install. This process will help revert all of the system …

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How To: Repair Windows 8

Sometimes you may reach a point where the only way to get your PC back to normal is a clean Operating System, but this will often lose your files, software and settings. However, there is another method to try before a full new install, and this is often called a repair install or a refresh …

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How To: Reinstall Windows 10

Sometimes after every avenue you’ve gone down, the road ends and you’re left with doing an Operating System reinstall. No one ever enjoys doing this, but it does provide you a way to reset Windows while still keeping all of your settings, applications, data and files unchanged. Conveniently a Windows 10 reinstall allows you to …

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