Misconceptions: PC Matic’s Whitelist

Recently, an article was posted on CIO.com and other IDG outlets, titled “Yes, you still need endpoint malware protection”, questioning the need for end point security. Several publications pointed out that end point security is not needed, due to the operating systems and other components being more secure. However, as we’ve seen in the most […]

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WannaCrypt Ransomware: Protecting your computers against the latest ransomware

Over the past few days, many businesses have reported infections from the latest round of ransomware called WannaCrypt. This massive cyberattack is likely to have stemmed from stolen tools used by the National Security Agency (NSA). Due to the rate of infection, and the number of machines being infected by WannaCrypt, Microsoft has released an […]

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The Latest Ransomware Craze – Holding MongoDB Databases Hostage

As if our jobs as IT admins isn’t difficult enough, hackers have taken to finding misconfigured MongoDB databases, and are holding them hostage, until a ransom has been paid. Similar to traditional ransomware, where files on a computer are encrypted until a fee has been paid, databases, are being held hostage, instead. The modus operandi […]

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Blocking Ransomware Scripts with Exchange Transport Rules

One of the current tactics ransomware authors are using to infect your network, is to send email attachments containing malicious scripts. These scripts are often VBScript (.vbs), Windows Script Files (wsf), or JavaScript (.js) files, and when executed, will download a DLL or EXE to spawn the infection. An example JavaScript which downloads and executes […]

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ALERT: Latest Round of Phishing Campaigns Targeting Businesses

Hackers are currently targeting business of all sizes in the latest round of phishing campaigns. The way the social engineering attack works is emails are sent to employees with PDF attachments, claiming to have “secure or protected documentations”. Unlike many cases in the past, these PDFs do not have malware embedded in them. Instead, they […]

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Got Apple Quicktime installed on your computer? Uninstall it immediately, says Department of Homeland Security

A recent report from TrendMicro/ZDI stated that Apple has ceased development of Apple Quicktime, and has also revealed two critical vulnerabilities under their Zero Day Initiative. These two vulnerabilities are considered “remote code execution” vulnerabilities, which means a miscreant could get the victim to click on a link or visit a website, and can remotely […]

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Actors behind Dridex launch another spam campaign, delivering Locky Ransomware

Recent reports have indicated that the actors behind Dridex, originally a banking Trojan distributor, have switched tactics, and are now heavily pushing out a new ransomware called Locky. The current method of distribution is via a spam email, which contains a Word document. Additional reports have stated that it is being distributed via the Neutrino […]

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