Ransomware Continues to Spread Nationwide As 2019 Comes to a Close


More Ransomware Attacks Spread as American’s Prep for the New Year Over the last two weeks, as Americans were prepping for the holidays, cyber criminals were preparing for vicious cyber attacks. On December 16, 2019, the U.S. Coast Guard issued a Marine Safety Information Bulletin confirming a cyber attack had taken down various parts of […]

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If New Orleans Officials Weren’t Superstitious Before, They Are Now…

Ransomware Plagues the City of New Orleans in Early Morning Hours of Friday the 13th The city of New Orleans remains under a State of Emergency after ransomware corrupted their networks at approximately 5 a.m. Friday morning. City officials have confirmed, limited networks have been impacted as a result of this cyber attack. Of those […]

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Ransomware Continues to Spread Across the Nation

Ransomware has proven it’s an epidemic of massive proportions… Over the last week, several new ransomware attacks have gone public. This includes attacks against Houston County Schools of Georgia, Ava School District in Missouri, CHI Health of Nebraska, and Berry Family Services in Texas. In addition, Wood Ranch Medical, located in Simi Valley, California was […]

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Texas City Works to Restore Networks, Post-Ransomware Attack

Police Department Loses Images After Ransomware Infected City Systems The city of Robstown is working to restore their networks after an unknown ransomware variant riddled their networks, effectively corrupting Robstown Police Department records. To date, the last four weeks of police camera footage, including pictures and videos have been encrypted. The city is working with […]

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Ransomware Plagues Utah’s Premier Family Medical Clinics

Ryuk Ransomware Riddles 11 Medical Facilities in Utah In July, eleven of Utah’s Premier Family Medical clinics were infected with ransomware. After an initial investigation of the cyber attack, it was determined the hackers used the ransomware variant called Ryuk to corrupt Premier Family Medical’s networks. Ryuk, is a ransomware variant known to target large […]

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Attackers Find a New Way to Spread Ransomware Faster Than Ever


Ransomware has been riddling home users, business entities, governments, schools, and more for years. The attacks have grown in frequency, with ransom demands growing as well. In order to continue their profitability, hackers have to find new ways to infect networks. This includes exploiting software vulnerabilities, using social engineering, creating new versions of malware, and […]

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Pearson, Major Education Publishing Giant, Suffers Data Breach

Security lock

Pearson Notifies Schools Impacted By Breach In November 2018, the massive education publishing giant, Pearson, suffered a data breach. Although the breach was reported to the FBI in March 2019, it wasn’t until last week that the organization had an idea of the full extent of damages. An exact number of records impacted is unclear. […]

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Ransomware Riddles American Schools in August


Ransomware Infects Public Schools Nationwide Throughout the month of August, several public school districts across the nation fell victim to ransomware. Here is what we know, the ransomware variants differed from attack to attack, although the most frequently used ransomware strain was Ryuk. This specific ransomware-type piggy-backs of a trojan virus. Once the trojan successfully […]

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Optimizing Windows 10 Start Menu Through Personalization

Microsoft Windows

We Personalize Everything! We live in an era where we feel a need to personalize everything.  Our shirts, gym bags, device cases, cars, and our computers — just to name a few.  However, personalizing our items isn’t always a bad thing.  For instance, if you aren’t personalizing your devices to meet your needs, you could […]

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Texas School Chooses Prevention

Due to rising security risks, Texas’ Pettus Independent School District, has opted to take a proactive approach to cyber security.  Steve Sugarek, Technology Coordinator at Pettus ISD shares which solutions they’ve used in the past, and why they migrated to PC Matic Pro: Our School District was with Avast for 10 years, and saw it […]

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PC Matic Pro Team Attended Events Nationwide

PC Matic with SuperShield

Throughout the second quarter of 2019, the PC Matic Pro sales team traveled to several events across the U.S.  The events attended by our Midwest field sales team include the Iowa Association of Business and Industry annual conference, Technology Association of Iowa: Iowa Tech Open, Iowa Technology & Geospatial Conference.   Our Carolina’s sales team attended […]

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Majority of Employees are Checking Personal Emails on Employer’s Networks

A recent study, conducted by PC Matic, dove into the password and cyber security hygiene of 5,000 computer users. The results have been proven concerning, for both home users and businesses alike. Users with poor cyber security hygiene often bring these negative habits to work with them. Unfortunately, for the employer, these behaviors could be […]

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The PC Matic Team Continues to Grow

PC Matic with SuperShield

As we continue to grow, we are filling open positions with the finest American talent we can find.  We have always believed, as a company with 100% remote employees, that we are able to attract the highest-quality applicants that thrive in a non-traditional work environment. All over America, each of our team members works in […]

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As Cyber Threats Evolve – So Does PC Matic

PC Matic Shield

Cyber threats have continued to evolve throughout the second quarter of 2019. Therefore, it is our job as a security solution vendor to do the same. Staying one step ahead of cyber criminals takes consistent innovation. Here are some of the steps we took in Q2 to advance our customer’s level of protection. Advancements for […]

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New York School District Pays Hackers $100,000

Rockville Centre School District Forks Out Thousands After falling victim to ransomware, the Rockville Centre School District decided to follow the path of least resistance — pay the ransom demands. The school had a cyber insurance policy, which helped to cover the cost of the $100,000 payment, as well as assist with the payment and […]

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Ransomware Now Spreading Through Fortnite Cheat Hack

Hackers Post Ransomware in Fortnite Forums Although ransomware has been targeting the business sector, they haven’t forgotten about home users. In a new campaign to spread malicious software, hackers have masked ransomware as a Fortnite cheat hack. By posting the malicious link in various Fortnite forums, cyber criminals hope gamers will click the link and […]

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Ransomware Forces Brookside Medical Clinic To Close Its Doors

Midwestern Clinic Shuts Down After Ransomware Attack In March, ransomware corrupted Brookside Medical Center, located in Battle Creek, Michigan. After paralyzing the clinic by encrypting all of their patient files, the clinic’s partners reached out to FBI officials. The FBI encouraged the clinic not to pay the $6,500 in ransom demands for two reasons. First, […]

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