Ransomware Now Spreading Through Fortnite Cheat Hack

Hackers Post Ransomware in Fortnite Forums Although ransomware has been targeting the business sector, they haven’t forgotten about home users. In a new campaign to spread malicious software, hackers have masked ransomware as a Fortnite cheat hack. By posting the malicious link in various Fortnite forums, cyber criminals hope gamers will click the link and […]

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Ransomware Forces Brookside Medical Clinic To Close Its Doors

Midwestern Clinic Shuts Down After Ransomware Attack In March, ransomware corrupted Brookside Medical Center, located in Battle Creek, Michigan. After paralyzing the clinic by encrypting all of their patient files, the clinic’s partners reached out to FBI officials. The FBI encouraged the clinic not to pay the $6,500 in ransom demands for two reasons. First, […]

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Hackers Copy NordVPN’s Website to Spread Bank Trojan

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Users Hoped for Security, Ended Up with Malware Cyber criminals have found an effective way to distribute malicious software, and users are none the wiser. By copying the popular VPN (virtual private network) website for NordVPN, users believe they are using something that is meant to boost their security. Instead, they are downloading a bank […]

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Grocery Store Chain, Hy-Vee, Experiences Data Breach

Hy-Vee Suffered Data Breach Through PoS Systems One of the largest U.S. grocery-store chains, Hy-Vee, has experienced a data breach after staff discovered a vulnerability on some of its point-of-sale (PoS) systems. The company reported transactions made at Hy-Vee fuel pumps, drive-thru coffee shops, and restaurants may have been recorded by hackers. A list of […]

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Lonestar State Targeted in Vicious Cyber Attack


Several Local Texan Governments Infected with Ransomware Update, 8/21/2019: Two Texas towns, Keene and Borger, have confirmed they were amongst the 23 municipalities hit with ransomware last week. Mayor Gary Heinrich of Keene stated the attack accessed their network through their outside security provider. The use of a third-party security provider is rather normal for […]

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PC Matic Joins Forces with TechSC to Accelerate Cyber Security Growth and Innovation

PC Matic Shield

PC Matic, the world’s only 100% American-made Anti-virus software, announced a new partnership with TechSC Myrtle Beach, SC – Today, PC Matic announced a new collaboration with TechSC, the latest industry initiative set forth by the South Carolina Council on Competitiveness.   Rob Cheng, CEO and Founder of PC Matic said, “As cyber-threats continue to wreak […]

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Former United States Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker Joins PC Matic As Outside General Counsel

PC Matic, the world’s only 100% American-made anti-virus software, announced a new addition to its leadership team, naming former United States Acting Attorney General, Matthew Whitaker, and his law firm, as its Outside General Counsel MYRTLE BEACH, S.C., Aug. 12, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Today, PC Matic announced a new addition to its leadership team, naming former Acting Attorney General of the […]

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New Cryptominer Takes New Steps to Avoid Detection

New Malicious Software Doesn’t Want to Be Seen A new malware variant used to mine for cryptocurrency, identified as Norman, takes a unique approach to avoid detection. Cryptominers are malicious software hackers use that occupy the CPU usage of devices, often rendering them utterly useless. Unfortunately, many traditional antivirus solutions will not stop them, and […]

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PC Matic Shield

PC Matic, the world’s only 100% American-made anti-virus software, announced the promotion of Justin Evans, who will serve as its Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing Myrtle Beach, SC – PC Matic, the world’s only 100% American-made anti-virus software, today announced that it has appointed Justin Evans, who formerly served as the company’s Vice […]

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Want to Enable PC Matic’s Scan Result Emails? Here’s How…

Reaffirming You’re Protected Security solutions tend to run in the background of PCs, meaning users are rarely aware that they are working.  Consumers have to trust that their solutions are keeping their data safe.  However, sometimes it is nice to get affirmation.  For those who are PC Matic customers, the software offers the ability to […]

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Lincoln County Hit with Ransomware Twice in a Matter of Weeks

Ransomware Has Hit North Carolina’s Lincoln County — Again… Lincoln County has been hit with yet another ransomware attack, just weeks after hackers corrupted their systems the first time. The initial attack infected the county’s networks, targeting the police department servers. The second has effectively taken down the county’s Communications Center. The county has assured […]

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Scammers Are Once Again Offering Up Fake Refunds

Initial reports of scammers calling individuals offering fake refunds for businesses that were “going out of business” started in 2018. Then there was an influx in early 2019, and now, they’re back at it. This time the crooks are offering up fraudulent refunds from companies experiencing “server issues”. They are not targeting one company in […]

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Ransomware Attack Results in Potential Data Breach for 116k Patients

Imperial Health Notifies Thousands of Patients After Ransomware Attack Breached Patient Records An unknown ransomware variant infected Louisiana’s Imperial Health on May 19, 2019. Now, almost two months later, the healthcare facility has begun notifying approximately 116,000 patients their information may have been compromised as a result. The information that may have been compromised included […]

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North Carolina County Loses $1.7M in Email Scam

Cabarrus County of North Carolina Suffers a Massive Financial Loss The North Carolina county of Cabarrus, confirmed they were fooled by scammers in December 2018, sending them $2.5 million dollars. The crooks were very targeted and thorough with their attack, using social engineering to pose as Branch and Associates. Branch and Associates is a general […]

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Mega Medical Breach Impacts 183K Patients

Medical Breach Exposes Thousands of New Mexico’s Patients On August 2, 2019, Presbyterian Healthcare Services confirmed they had become the victim of a data breach. The medical breach was a result of an employee clicking on a malicious email. Upon doing so, the employee inadvertently launched malware which was used to gather personal information on […]

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One Week, Six Attacks – And They All Targeted the Education Sector

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The U.S. Education Sector Becomes Latest Victim to Cyber Crime Over the past week, there have been six different ransomware attacks reported. As if that isn’t bad enough, they all targeted the U.S. education sector. The first three schools impacted include Sabine, Morehead, and Ouachita located in Louisana. These three attacks led Governor Edwards to […]

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Malicious Email Corrupts New Mexico School’s Networks with Ransomware

Ryuk Ransomware Corrupts New Mexico School District Gadsden School District, located in Santa Teresa, New Mexico has recently suffered a ransomware attack. Ryuk, the ransomware variant that corrupted the district’s networks, is believed to have wormed its way in by a malicious email. The infection successfully infiltrated over 10,000 PCs, but did not affect any […]

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Cyber Security – Back to the Basics

Simplifying Cyber Security The concept of cyber security has become convoluted.  Users aren’t sure what software to buy, or if one program is even enough.  Often times they’ll try to use multiple products that all do the same thing, which in turn interferes with each one’s functionality. In an attempt to make your life easier, […]

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