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The Economics of Gator

A recent article estimated that Gator made $100M in revenue in 2002. That’s a lot of dough. And it got me wondering, how one goes about making $100M in a year. Here’s my back of the napkin math.

March 2004 Newsletter

Spyware Wars
Tip: Emergency Access To PC Pitstop
Another Smoking Gun
PhatBot Lets Spammers Own Your PC
Comcast Yanks the Plug On Infected Customers
Will Legislation Stop Spyware and Spam?
Tip: System Security Checklist
Solve Your PC Problems At The Pit

February 2004 Newsletter

Test your computer on PC Pitstop’s New Servers
Our Gator Center Reveals the Truth
A Real Big Warning About Unreal Sites!
Tip: Curb System Restore’s Disk Appetite
Dave Methvin Gets a New Writing Gig
Tip: Another Line of Spyware Defense
Free Computer Help At The Pit

Why Defragment Your Hard Drive?

When you first loaded files onto your new hard disk, they weren’t fragmented. Each whole file followed the last in consecutive disk clusters, lowest to highest. Your disk performance was never better.

When you began using those files — changing them, adding and deleting records and files — they were broken into smaller and smaller pieces scattered around the disk. That’s because your system writes each new record into the first empty slot it finds on the disk, even if it’s nowhere near the rest of the file.

October 2003 Newsletter

Social Engineering Viruses Running Rampant
Keep Windows Fully Patched
The Real Microsoft Security Newsletter
Security Tip: Toss Viruses in the Trash Automatically
SoBig Virus Actually a Spamming Engine
Stay In Touch At The Pit

July 2003 Newsletter

Security Alert: What’s Running When You Power Up?
Updated Disk Health Now Provides Detailed Analysis
Anti-Spam Tip: Eliminate Annoying Messenger Popups
Spyware and Adware Gets Court’s Blessing
Expert Tip: Make Windows Tell You Everything
PC Pitstop Cures Cancer and Finds Alien Life
Performance Tip: Max Out Your Disk Speed

May 2003 Newsletter

Is spyware crippling your system?
Performance Tweak: Eliminate XP eye candy
Performance Tweak: defrag early, defrag often
Troubleshooting: Fix PC problems remotely
Product recall: Flaming IBM monitors

February 2001 Newsletter

E-mail your test results, troubleshoot PC problems with TechExpress
Anti-virus update: PITSTOP topples K0URNIK0VA virus, 40 – Love
Improved test results: Get detailed info on running programs

November 2000 Newsletter

Brand-new Internet tools for download
Update your anti-virus file
Napster and free-ISP reports now available at no-charge
Privacy update: Better Business Bureau certifies PC Pitstop
New FAQs
Quick tips and advice: disk health and RAM

August 2000 Newsletter

Improve your Internet connection speeds
Update your anti-virus file
PC Pitstop opens its e-commerce doors
Updates to our PC diagnostics and tests
Cool stats from our database