Battle of the Sexes – Special Report

Through our world renowned OverDrive diagnostic test, PC Matic has accumulated a unique view of trends in the PC industry. In this report, we take a look at several million computers to analyze the computing differences between males and females.

Surprisingly, there are some very large and real differences between male and female computers. We take a light hearted look at the battle of the sexes for computing supremacy. Roll your mouse over each chart to learn more about each and every tasty difference.

Men Are Faster than Women

Intel Has Lost Favor with Women

Men Have More Brains Than Women

Men Have 26% More Computational Power than Women

Women Are More Forgetful Than Men

Men are switching to Windows 10

Men Have Big Disks

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18 thoughts on “Battle of the Sexes – Special Report”

  1. I do not think tablets will replace desktop computers. I use Windows 7 64bit. Windows 8 will not include Windows Media Center unless you purchase the next step version. I have been very happy with Windows 7, but not with XP or Vista. I am also not a fan of laptop computers or tablets. Ipad is too expensive and even if it were affordable for me I still wouldn’t be interested. If you were to check Dr. Mercola’s web site you would find a definite warning for people who are fond of constantly using their Iphones, especially having them turned on and in their pockets. Where I work 95% of employees are constantly using their cell phones. It has taken the place of chewing gum to relieve boredom.

  2. We share one computer. It is a dual core AMD with 3gb ram and lots of hard drives & space. We normally run Linux (2 versions installed) and XP Media Center when FORCED to. It works just fine for our needs, Before we shell out big bucks for a crappy bloated computer with malware prone/privacy violating operating system we will just upgrade this one as long as we can.

    Craptops are just toys for the LAZY masses. They are NOT real computers (neither are ‘smart’ phones and such). Real computers you can actually upgrade, you sit at a computer desk, and do your stuff. Then you get off your butt and do real life stuff. Craptops make you very lazy. They are cheap junk that breaks easily, batteries suck and cost far too much to replace as well as do not last very long. Break a screen and see what hassle and extreme expense it is to repair/replace it.

    Get a life craptop users. There is more to this world than lugging a laptop around and checking social network sites. Leave it at home and experience real life.

    FYI: unfortunately all computers will be gone in a few years in favor of tablet computers with cloud computing – so places that supply antivirus stuff and other services will be out of a job. Everything will be streamed and you will be price gouged for the ‘privilege’. Those in charge of the ‘cloud’ can hold your stuff for ransom if you don’t pay.

    Oh about cloud computing – you will have absolutely NO CONTROL over who does what with your data or who even looks at it without your knowledge and permission.

    At least in the USA, they have to get a warrant first and you do NOT have to decrypt squat for the government if you don’t want to. In UK you can’t have encryption without supplying decryption on demand by their government.

    I figure one or two more ‘new’ computers at best then no more computers.

    Oh, Quad Core CPU’s are worthless. There isn’t any software written to take advantage of the extra cores. Most software is 32 bit still with 64 bit gaining strength. But 256 bit is just a waste of money right now.

    We keep XP around just to support software and games that we paid HIGH dollars for in the past and want our money’s worth. And when XP doesn’t work any more then it’s Linux all the way.

    I see that PCPitstop doesn’t support anything but Windows. I wonder how many use Linux and what their hardware charts look like.

    The disparage between the sexes is there for a reason. Women are smarter than men when it comes to getting their money’s worth. That’s why they hang on to older stuff. Men waste too much money on ‘state of the art’ computer stuff and for what? A tiny extra bit of speed?? Internet doesn’t go one bit faster between a 32 bit and a 256 bit CPU. So what if you have to wait 500 milliseconds extra for a program to load.

    If we are lucky we will upgrade to another dual core cpu with a motherboard that takes cheaper memory in maybe a year or two. DDR costs too much DDR2 & 3 are far cheaper.

    If the craptop users was speed, a faster CPU only helps a bit. How about a real computer running 4 Hyperdrive hard drives in a raid array.
    Just ONE can boot XP to a useable desktop in 4 seconds flat. And it doesn’t fit in a laptop…

    1. @nunya: Wow. What a rambling diatribe, with hilarious grammatical blunders to boot. Pure entertainment. You need to deflate your ego a touch there buddy.

  3. David you’re probably use MS Dos games. If that’s true there’s a program called Dos Box that will run MS Dos games on Windows Vista. I’ve used and it works sound and everything.

  4. If that is the case, why do women buy Intel CPU’s a lot more than men. AMD CPU’s are anywhere from 50% TO 100% cheaper than the equivelant Intel although Intel CPU’s are faster overall but unless your a big gamer your not going to see the difference with most applications. In most cases AMD gives you the most bang for the buck.

    1. Females buy Prepackaged PC’s intel still has a higher margin of off the self Pc’s. men shop around even building thier own 😛

  5. Kelli-anne Hawkins

    Hubby old lappy 1.6ghtz intel, 1024mb ram, 80 gig hd,
    WIFE nice nearly new quad core 2.66 4 gig ram 800 gig hd ( did have 1 tera ext, now permanently joined to hubbies lappy…)
    wife now looking for nice “reasonably priced” quad lappy 6 gig ram with 160gig ssd ( for win 7 64 op and programs) + 300 to 500 gig hdd
    perhaps normally women are less happy about high prices for new high end computers where men are more happy to spend any amount for “bigger is better”

    ( after i get my new lappy, i WILL be getting hubby a faster one too, )

  6. LOL. A real life household comparison:
    Hubby- 1 dual core PC
    Wife- 1 quad core PC, 1 2.4g PC, 1 laptop, and 1 Mac Plus holding a place of honor on the mantel

  7. Obviously created by a bunch of men! 🙂 I did find the data to be informative and the headings above each chart were hilarious! I also like the 2nd point made by David L. Sayre (husband hogging…wife stuck with…) – too funny!

  8. Sorry about the double post, but I forgot to add that the organization tested the Intel core 2 duo extreme against the AMD Quad core instead of the Intel core 2 Quad.

  9. I’m not a woman, but I don’t use AMD because I seen this test on the internet that tested an AMD duel core against an Intel core 2 duo extreme and the Intel left the AMD in the dust. In fact the organization that orginally tested the two tested the AMD duel core against the Intel Core 2 duo when Intel had the Core two due extreme out. That’s why the test organization caried isn’t valid.

  10. David L. Sayre

    I wonder how this breaks down by household. i.e. Multi-computer vs. single computer owners.
    Is hubby using (hogging) his new Vista based, multi-core, Tb hardrive, with 4 k ram toy and wife prefers (is stuck) with secondary tried and true working machine.
    Also, my wife has programs (games) that she uses quite often that don’t work well on Vista.

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