PC Pitstop Erase

PC Pitstop Erase is both a free privacy scan and paid tracks cleaner. Erase runs in two separate phases, first scanning your computer for personal tracks you’ve left behind, then selectively erasing this information.

For customer service issues with Erase (lost license keys, re-download, refunds) please go to our customer service page.

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What are the minimum system requirements?

Operating System: Microsoft Windows Vista, XP, 2000, ME, 98
Processor: 100MHz or greater
Memory: 64 MB or greater
Hard Disk: Need 10 MB or more of free space
Video: Super VGA, 15-inch monitor, 800×600 resolution

What files does it delete?

Everything you do on your computer is being recorded by Windows in order to create a more personalized experience. However, this same history log can be easily accessed by unscrupulous third parties to track and learn your computing habits. Important information includes which websites you frequent, which documents you’ve been using, and who you’ve been instant messaging. Erase allows users to quickly and easily detect and select which of this information they would like to remove.

  1. Browsing History – Each and every website you have visited is being recorded by your browser.
  2. Cookies – Saved to your PC by websites you visit, cookies are used to create a more personalized and interesting browser experience. However, cookies can also be used maliciously to track your browsing habits. Erase has a cookie manager that allows you to select the cookies you would like to keep and those which you would like to delete.
  3. Internet Cache – Internet Explorer creates temporary files of websites you have visited to improve browsing speeds. However, these unnecessary files can take up large amounts of space and could undermine your privacy.
  4. Auto-Complete Forms – Your browser stores all of the information that you type into web pages. While this feature makes it easier to fill out forms, it also makes it easier for intruders to discover your personal information.
  5. Recent Document History – Windows and Office maintain a list of recent documents used on your computer for your benefit. Erase allows users to delete this list to prevent others from knowing what you’ve been working on.
  6. Instant Messaging History – Many personal conversations using Instant Messengers can be viewed by others. Erase deletes the files that store your private conversations.
  7. Microsoft Gaming History – Windows records a log of which games you have been playing and when you have been playing them. Erase enables users to delete this information in order to prevent others from knowing your gaming history.
  8. Recycle Bin – After deleting a file with Explorer, the file is imported to the Recycle Bin. Until they are permanently erased, these files may be seen by others. Erase allows users to empty their Recycle Bin and reclaim this disk space.

Can I undo the changes it makes?

The first step of Erase only scans your computer and does not make any changes. In the second step, users can select items they would like to remove and perform the deletion. If users should select the box Overwrite files to prevent recovery by undeleted utilities, the erased data will not be recoverable.

What is the Grey List?

The Grey List makes it easier to remove unnecessary or undesirable cookies without risking deleting something important. Some of the cookies on the Grey List include ad tracking cookies and porn sites. If you are unsure of which cookies you want to keep or delete, we have created the Grey List to make your decision easier.

What is the White List?

The White List allows you to type in domains from which you would like to accept cookies. This feature allows you to store your login information on the websites you select. For example, PC Pitstop cookies help our full test remember who you are so you do not have to retype your login information

What if I have a technical question?

For any technical questions before or after purchasing Erase, please visit our Paid Products forum. That way, you can get quick answers and share your questions with other users. If you have a computer issue unrelated to Optimize, please use our support forums.

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