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All our consumer services (including full tests, internet download speeds, disk health, spyware scan, and antivirus) are FREE. PC Pitstop currently sells five products, PC Pitstop Optimize, Driver Alert, Disk MD, Exterminate and Erase.
For questions about Optimize, see our Optimize FAQ; for Driver Alert see our Driver Alert FAQ; for Disk MD see our Disk MD FAQ; for Exterminate see our Exterminate FAQ and for Erase see our Erase FAQ.

If you purchased a product from one of our partners or advertisers, they are responsible for your order. You must contact them directly with questions about delivery, support, downloads, exchanges, or refunds. We encourage you to tell us and our visitors about any experiences–good or bad–by posting a message in the Site Feedback section of our forums.

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How do I contact a partner or advertiser?

Our partner sites have links throughout the PC Pitstop site, clicking on them should get you to the location where you made your purchase. Here are direct links to our partners:

Third-party services such as TribalFusion and Google AdWords deliver some of the ads on our site. Please note that PC Pitstop does not not necessarily endorse products or services that are advertised, and cannot always control the content of these ads. Please let us know if you purchase a product from an ad on our site that you believe is fraudulent or deceptive. If you cannot determine where you made your purchase, check your browser history pages to find the location or see if the web site is listed on your credit card statement.

What can I do if a company won’t respond?

In the United States, credit card purchases are covered by the Fair Credit Billing Act. That link provides specific instructions on how to dispute charges. Look on the back of your credit card statement and find the address to contact for disputes; sometimes they will only accept written correspondence but many will also accept faxes. Be sure to include any emails or letters you have sent trying to contact the company. A company will usually respond to a dispute very quickly, since they won’t be paid unless the dispute is resolved and too many disputes will get them in trouble with the bank.

Is related to

No, PC Pitstop of St. Louis ( is not endorsed by us, and we have no relationship with it. If you have purchased something at that site, please contact them.

Is related to

No, Collier’s PC Pitstop ( is not related to us, although we purchased the domain from Collier in 2000. If you have purchased something at that site, please contact them.

Is related to

No, is not related to our site. If you have purchased something at that site, please contact them.

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