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S A WRITER and editor in the PC industry for more than a dozen years, I’ve written a lot of articles that aim to help people tune, tweak, fix, and Dave Methvin, Chief Technology Officer, PC Pitstop enhance their PCs. As a consultant I give advice to clients, friends, schools, and local charities. My goal with PC Pitstop is to make a visit to this web site more like consulting than reading, so we can have your PC at top performance in record time.

Today, searching the web for solutions to PC problems is a nightmare. No matter where you go or how you search, you’ll look through a lot of web pages for something that might apply to your problem. Since many problems have similar symptoms (crashes, lockups, etc.) you may try a lot of things that don’t work or even make things worse. Eventually you may just decide to live with the problem rather than waste more time looking for the solution.

Even though the web has made access to information much easier, the way you filter informationby reading pages and deciding whether it applies to youhasn’t changed. You’re using the web as a big electronic book with an unwieldy index.

Here’s the way we want PC Pitstop to work: You don’t go looking for information, it decides whether it should appear based on a profile of your hardware, software, system performance, and level of expertise. If you have Windows XP then you’re not shown the problems that only happen on Windows 98. If you’re doing fine on performance then we save you the time of reading about problems that don’t affect your system.

I’m not talking about “personalized” sites like My Yahoo where you provide all the information needed to do the customization. When you’re diagnosing PC problems, deciding on the best type of memory upgrade, or debating whether to buy a new hard disk, you probably don’t even have that detailed system information handy. Quick, how many megabytes are free on your hard disk, and how fragmented are the files? A program can easily collect that information from your PC and decide if your values are in the danger zone.

Clearly, there need to be safeguards in place to ensure your privacy, and PC Pitstop’s privacy policy does just that. We’re analyzing your PC for your benefit, so that we can do the best job possible of diagnosing your PC problems and offering advice. We don’t want to know how much money you make, where you shop, or how many kids you have. That’s not our business.

We plan to do a lot more to help you fix, tweak, and tune your PC, so be sure to visit us often.

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