New Servers And New Features

WOW . . . It’s been almost three months since my last note to our visitors. Time is flying! And so is PC Pitstop. We are investing in many new and exciting technologies to keep this site one of the most innovative and interesting on the Net.

August 2000 Newsletter

Improve your Internet connection speeds
Update your anti-virus file
PC Pitstop opens its e-commerce doors
Updates to our PC diagnostics and tests
Cool stats from our database

We Are Not Complacent

I can’t believe that another month has passed since my last note. Time is flying–and so is PC Pitstop. I want to personally thank everyone who has visited our site and given us feedback. We love feedback at PC Pitstop, and we hope that you find our message boards informative, entertaining and responsive.

Thanks for your Support!

NOW that we have a month under our belt, I wanted to take the opportunity to reflect a little and then turn an eye to the future.

Welcome to PC Pitstop

HELLO out there everyone! I want to personally welcome you to our site. I’ve worked in the PC business a long time. Most recently, I worked at Gateway computers for 8 years as Senior Vice President of Gateway’s Consumer Division. In addition to profit and loss responsibility, I was in charge of all of our phone staffs throughout the world. That’s sales, customer service, and, most importantly, technical support.