Scammers Are Once Again Offering Up Fake Refunds

Initial reports of scammers calling individuals offering fake refunds for businesses that were “going out of business” started in 2018. Then there was an influx in early 2019, and now, they’re back at it. This time the crooks are offering up fraudulent refunds from companies experiencing “server issues”. They are not targeting one company in […]

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Ransomware Attack Results in Potential Data Breach for 116k Patients

Imperial Health Notifies Thousands of Patients After Ransomware Attack Breached Patient Records An unknown ransomware variant infected Louisiana’s Imperial Health on May 19, 2019. Now, almost two months later, the healthcare facility has begun notifying approximately 116,000 patients their information may have been compromised as a result. The information that may have been compromised included […]

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North Carolina County Loses $1.7M in Email Scam

Cabarrus County of North Carolina Suffers a Massive Financial Loss The North Carolina county of Cabarrus, confirmed they were fooled by scammers in December 2018, sending them $2.5 million dollars. The crooks were very targeted and thorough with their attack, using social engineering to pose as Branch and Associates. Branch and Associates is a general […]

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Mega Medical Breach Impacts 183K Patients

Medical Breach Exposes Thousands of New Mexico’s Patients On August 2, 2019, Presbyterian Healthcare Services confirmed they had become the victim of a data breach. The medical breach was a result of an employee clicking on a malicious email. Upon doing so, the employee inadvertently launched malware which was used to gather personal information on […]

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One Week, Six Attacks – And They All Targeted the Education Sector

Protect your PC

The U.S. Education Sector Becomes Latest Victim to Cyber Crime Over the past week, there have been six different ransomware attacks reported. As if that isn’t bad enough, they all targeted the U.S. education sector. The first three schools impacted include Sabine, Morehead, and Ouachita located in Louisana. These three attacks led Governor Edwards to […]

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Malicious Email Corrupts New Mexico School’s Networks with Ransomware

Ryuk Ransomware Corrupts New Mexico School District Gadsden School District, located in Santa Teresa, New Mexico has recently suffered a ransomware attack. Ryuk, the ransomware variant that corrupted the district’s networks, is believed to have wormed its way in by a malicious email. The infection successfully infiltrated over 10,000 PCs, but did not affect any […]

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Cyber Security – Back to the Basics

Simplifying Cyber Security The concept of cyber security has become convoluted.  Users aren’t sure what software to buy, or if one program is even enough.  Often times they’ll try to use multiple products that all do the same thing, which in turn interferes with each one’s functionality. In an attempt to make your life easier, […]

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Ransomware Continues to Take Down U.S. Schools, Businesses and Government Facilities

Ransomware Threats Continue to Flood the U.S. For years, I would write about all of the ransomware attacks that I could find. Every single attack that I became aware of, I would blog about. As time moved on, this task became a bit more tedious but could be done. However, over the last few weeks, […]

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Capital One Breach Impacts 106M Customers

What’s In Your Wallet, May Now Be In Someone Else’s One of the largest credit institutions, Capital One, identified a security vulnerability within their network on July 19. It was this vulnerability that exposed over 106 million Capital One consumers. Although the investigations are not over, certain details have been confirmed. The security breach occurred […]

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Iranian Hacking Group Begins Targeting US Corporations and LinkedIn Users

The cyber war has begun… The U.S. and their allies have begun cyber strikes against the Iranians and its government. However, Iran isn’t going down without a fight. Considering a large hacking group originates from Iran, the Department of Homeland Security issued a public warning regarding an increase in Iranian hackers targeting public entities. Today, […]

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Another Day, Another Cyber Attack — or Four…


Four more municipalities confirm being hit with ransomware… Georgia has once again been riddled with ransomware. This time, Henry County officials have confirmed their networks have been compromised by an unknown ransomware variant. Fortunately, the ransomware did not corrupt emergency or public safety systems. Although, state court, tax assessor and board of commissioners networks were […]

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Two Platforms Collaborate to Boost Password Security

Firefox & Have I Been Pwned Join Forces Firefox, one of the top desktop browsers, is partnering with Have I Been Pwned to boost password security.  The browser is enhancing its Firefox Monitor and Lockwise features to notify consumers if their login credentials stored within their browser have been compromised in breaches over the last […]

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The Epidemic Continues As Three More Ransomware Attacks Are Disclosed

Another day, another ransomware attack — in this case, there were three. Three more public entities have confirmed they have fallen victim to ransomware attacks over the last month. First, Tampa-based radio station WMNF reported they have lost archived data and prerecordings as a result of ransomware corrupting their server. They have sent the hardware […]

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Cyber Attack Leads to Potential Data Breach of 106,000 Patients


Indiana Medical Facility Notifies 106k Patients of Cyber Attack The Evansville, Indiana medical facility, Talley Medical Surgical Eyecare Associates (TMSEA), is informing approximately 106,000 patients and staff their information may have been compromised as a result of a cyber attack that occurred on April 2019. After the ransomware was quarantined and systems were restored, an […]

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FTC Imposes the Largest Fine in Tech Firm History

The dust has settled, and so has the FTC. The Scandal For those who are unfamiliar, in 2018 Facebook found itself in quite the scandal with London’s election consultancy, Cambridge Analytica. It is believed personal data was harvested from approximately 87 million Facebook users and then supplied to Cambridge Analytica. They then, allegedly, used this […]

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New York’s Syracuse School Crippled by Ransomware

Illegal downloads

Ransomware Corrupts Another NY School Syracuse School District has been offline for a week after an unknown ransomware variant corrupted its networks. Hackers have demanded a six-figure ransom amount; however, the district has yet to pay. However, if their insurance company gets its way, the school will pay the ransom demands before they continue to […]

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