Michigan State University Hacked

Ransomware Attack Has A Deadline Michigan State University is counting down a clock, but not for a buzzer to signal another athletic victory. Today the gang responsible for Netwalker ransomware announced they’ve given MSU administrators a week. MSU was hacked. The administration can pay the undisclosed ransom or risk having sensitive data released. Michigan State, […]

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Israeli Firm NSO Group Accused of Impersonating Facebook to Spread Spyware

NSO Denies Allegations Israeli firm NSO Group, a security company, is being accused of impersonating Facebook in an attempt to spread their Pegasus hacking tool. BBC News reported today that the investigative news site, Motherboard, first picked up on the scam. Additionally, Motherboard reports that servers inside the United States were used to assist in […]

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Hackers, Branded As Terrorists, Release Trump Emails

The FBI Refuses A group of hackers known as REvil or Sodinokibi have released their first round of emails they claim are “damaging” to Trump’s reelection campaign, as reported by Forbes. The group successfully stole information from a New York lawfirm and are now claiming they have “dirty laundry” on Trump. After publishing documents on […]

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Convincing Scam Sites Working To Trick You Out Of Personal Info

Photo by engin akyurt on Unsplash Sophisticated Phishing Last week, cybersecurity company Proofpoint released their research on phishing website templates that accurately mimic various governments and agencies. With pover 300 campaigns observed since January, Proofpoint wants the public to know about the phone sites. Often, they’ll come as a link in your email telling you to go to […]

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Magellan Health Attack Due To Phishing

Posing As A Customer To Hack The System Magellan Health, based in Arizona, reported an infiltration of their systems they discovered on April 11th. The hack happened 5 days earlier when a socially engineered phishing attempt impersonated a Magellan client. Magellan is using a third party cybersecurity forensics firm to assist in the investigation. The […]

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Nowhere To Hide

The Evolution of Ransomware Leaves No Room to Hide Ransomware attacks have always been detrimental. This new evolution, however, is making it difficult for victims to hide the severity of the damage. Data is no longer simply encrypted and held for ransom. It’s also copied and sent to the criminal for them to do as […]

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Medical Field Continues To Face Attacks During COVID-19 Pandemic

The Evolution of Ransomware Ransomware began as a way to extort money from people. Therefore, by encrypting files, the criminals could demand whatever price they wanted. In response, we evolved our security plans. We now include back-ups and reboot options. This left many attackers in a tough spot. They no longer had the leverage to […]

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US Senators Told To Avoid Zoom Meetings

A Strong Suggestion Last week we told you about the alarming new trend of Zoom-bombing. It seems, however, that those aren’t the only problems with the platform. Following several incidents in Massachusetts, the FBI issued a warning. They encouraged users to keep better security practices when using Zoom. A report this morning by Business Insider […]

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PC Matic Expands MSP Product Offerings to Thwart Cyber Attacks

PC Matic Shield

PC Matic MSP Addresses Ransomware and RDP Threats with Two New Products It should come as no surprise and managed service providers (MSPs) have had a growing target on their backs. Cyber criminals have found by infiltrating one MSP network, they are able to successfully infect not only that network but that of the MSP’s […]

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PC Matic Pro Addresses RDP Threats with New Product

PC Matic Pro Now Offers Standalone RDP Protection It should come as no surprise that businesses, nonprofits, and local municipalities have had a growing target on their backs when it comes to cyber crime. Hackers have found remote desktop protocol (RDP) ports to be an easy access point to infect company networks, effectivity granting them […]

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