Although software makes things happen, the hardware is the base for that catalyst, so having the right PC to fit your needs is just as important as having great programs. PC Pitstop scans thousands of PC’s through their online diagnostics each month, and part of the data that is collected in the scans is make, model, and specs. Recently PC satisfaction ratings were added to the scans, and now that data has been compiled in a few charts for several of the more popular PC manufacturer brands. By compiling the information, we are able to see the satisfaction ratings for each make and a few specific models.

We have identified several of the more prevalent models associated with each specific manufacturer, and categorized satisfaction by model for that particular manufacturer. We also categorized PC satisfaction by gender, PC type, and location (home or office). Note that the prevalence of these Manufacturers and models are based on PC Pitstop scans, not total PC sales.

Selected PC Manufacturers


Dell is a preeminent supplier of computer hardware for personal computing to small, medium or large business network solutions. As of 2008 it held the second spot in computer-sales within the industry behind only HP.


Acer is the third largest selling computer manufacturer in the world a behind HP and Dell Inc. Offering a wide range of PC products from high-end PC servers and multimedia desktop computers, to notebook computers and computer peripherals.


Google Gateway is manufacturer of quality notebooks, laptops, notebooks, desktops, displays and monitors. However, Gateways greatest asset is its industry-leading support.


Manufacturer Analysis of PC satisfaction levels for the more popular manufacturers of quality laptops and desktops.

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