Acer PC Satisfaction


Acer was founded by Stan Shih, his wife Carolyn Yeh, and five others, and originally named Multitech in 1976. Now known as Acer Incorporated, it is a Taiwanese multinational electronics manufacturer that owns the largest franchised computer retail chain in Taipei, Taiwan. Acer is also the third largest computer manufacturer in the world (by sales) behind HP and Dell Inc; ranking No.1 in worldwide notebook shipments.

In August 2007, Acer announced plans to acquire one of its biggest rivals Gateway Inc. for US $710 million. Eventually purchasing enough shares to close the deal, the company felt that the acquisition would complete Acer’s global footprint, by strengthening its U.S. presence. And in January 2008, Acer announced that it had acquired a controlling interest of 75% of Packard Bell.

Acer consumers more in favor of its desktop performance.

Consumers are more satisfied with Acer for home use.

Acer Ferrari reaches the pinnacle

Female satisfaction with Acer on the decline

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