PC Pitstop Earns Top Honors on Comparably

PC Pitstop Named One of the Best Place to Work in 2017 PC Pitstop, headquartered in Sioux City, Iowa and it’s management team has outperformed other well-known small and medium sized companies on a recent business ranking by Comparably. The company ranked No. 36 on Comparably’s Best Places to Work of 2017 ranking list released on November 30, […]

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PC Matic Named Best Anti-Malware Solution by American Security Today

PC Matic Awarded Platinum ASTORS Award Last week, PC Pitstop, the makers of PC Matic were awarded the Platinum ASTORS Award for the Best Anti-Malware Solution by American Security Today. American Security Today’s 2017 ASTORS Homeland Awards Presentation Luncheon at ISC East was an overwhelming success.  The ceremony brought over 100 professionals from across North America and the […]

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Application Whitelisting — Is it Feasible for the Medical Field?

Application Control for Medical Professionals Decision Health recently published a lengthy article on Plan B News regarding application whitelisting within the medial field.  With the advanced technological methods being used within the healthcare industry, and the ever-evolving software, IT administrators were curious if whitelisting could fit in this field.  Roy Edroso stated application whitelisting is […]

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Why do Employees Continue to Bypass IT Regulations?

Non-Compliance for IT Regulations Remains a Big Issue for Companies Compliance with IT regulations continues to be an issue for most companies throughout the world.  IT experts weighed in on this very issue just a few weeks ago.  However, additional insight has been provided. Employees have various motives for not complying with IT regulations.  According […]

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CRN Names PC Matic As One of the Hottest Products

PC Matic Pro

CRN Names Hot Products to Check Out Right Now CRN is the top news source for solution providers and the IT channel, providing up-to-date technology news as well as IT vendor and product reviews.  Recently they shared the 30 hottest products that business professionals need to check out right now.  PC Matic was honored to […]

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Cyber Security Experts Weigh In — Employee Non-Compliance

Why do employees bypass IT regulations? Recently seven different cyber security experts provided insight regarding the lack of employee compliance with a company’s IT regulations.  The input ranged from immediate gratification to simple ignorance. PC Matic’s Vice President of Cyber Security shared, “Another reason being, some employees simply don’t ask IT for help.  Instead, they […]

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PC Pitstop Named One of America’s Fastest Growing Private Companies — Again!

Inc. Magazine Unveils 36th Annual List of America’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies—the Inc. 5000 For the 2nd Time, PC Pitstop Appears on the Inc. 5000 list, Ranking No. 4511 with Three-Year Sales Growth of 54.9% NEW YORK, August 17, 2017 — Inc. magazine today ranked PC Pitstop NO. 4511 on its 36th annual Inc. 5000, the most prestigious […]

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PC Pitstop Welcomes Relationship-Building Calls from Investors

By: Deborah Balshem Published to: Mergermarket,  the leading provider of forward-looking M&A intelligence and data to M&A professionals and corporates around the world. PC Pitstop, a privately held anti-virus software firm, would like to develop relationships with the investment community now in anticipation of a future outside investment, said CEO Rob Cheng. The 57-year-old executive […]

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How To Crash A Cyber Criminal’s Empire

It seems like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be.  However, it does require the cooperation of everyone, which can be quite overwhelming. PC Matic’s CEO, Rob Cheng, recently wrote an article featured in Computer World, titled Winning the war on ransomware.  As you read through this publication you will begin to understand […]

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PC Pitstop Increases Traction With Solution Providers

CRN Names PC Pitstop on 2017 Top 100 Security List PC Pitstop, makers of PC Matic Pro and PC Matic MSP, has been boosting their traction with solution providers with their advanced security solution.  The core of the PC Matic security features include an automated, global whitelist approach, along with fileless ransomware detection.  These two […]

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Trump Repeals ISP Regulations

ISP Regulations Repealed — Your Browsing Data Now Available to Highest Bidder Yesterday, April 3, 2017, President Trump signed a law repealing ISP regulations on selling consumer’s browsing data.  The law is not going to take effect until December of 2017.  Once the law does go into effect, ISPs will have the authorization to sell […]

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Landing an IoT Job – What You Must Know

PC Pitstop Vice President of Cyber Security, Dodi Glenn, was featured in Josh Fruhlinger’s article 7 tips for landing an IoT job.  Fruhlinger’s article was featured on Hewlett Packard Enterprise website, which you can access here. Dodi focused on what individuals need to know in order to enter the Internet of Things (IoT) industry.  He stated, […]

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Malwarebytes Removes PC Matic PUA Categorization

PC Pitstop is pleased to announce that Malwarebytes is no longer flagging PC Matic as a potentially unwanted program. Both applications can once again co-exist on systems. The Malwarebytes detection began on December 5th, and we initiated efforts to resolve the issue. On December 23rd, we made contact with the proper people at Malwarebytes. After […]

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