“I Do Not Want The Information About Ransomware Being Made Public…”

Potter County Riddled with Ransomware An unknown ransomware variant has infiltrated the IT systems of Potter County, Texas. The cyber attack has been impacting county networks for approximately the last two weeks. The details released to the public regarding this cyber attack have been minimal, and now we know why. Potter County Judge Nancy Tanner […]

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Daviess County Library Paralyzed Post-Ransomware Infection

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Daviess County Library of Kentucky Reports Cyber Attack Kentucky’s Daviess County Library, located in Owensboro, was recently hit with a cyber attack. Hackers were able to infiltrate the library’s network and spread an unknown ransomware variant. Upon the encryption of the library’s files, hackers made a ransom demanded of $40,000. According to 14 News, library […]

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Ransomware Price Tag Reaches $52M for Norwegian Aluminum Maker

Downtime, Lost Profits and Remediation Costs Reach $52 Million for Norsk Hydro The Norwegian aluminum maker, Norsk Hydro, is still suffering the aftermath of a ransomware attack that riddled its networks early last month.  The ransomware variant, LockerGoga, initially infiltrated the company’s networks through their Active Directory.  This allowed for the malicious software to quickly […]

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New York Newspaper Can’t Print Sunday’s Paper Due to Ransomware

Watertown Daily Times of New York Unable to Print Sunday’s Paper After Ransomware Infection The Watertown Daily Times, a daily newspaper published in Watertown, New York was targeted by cybercriminals over the weekend. Hackers were able to access the newspaper’s networks and infect their systems with the ransomware variant, Ryuk. The cyber attack, which officials […]

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Manufacturing Giant Suffers Ransomware Attack


Switzerland’s Major Manufacturer, Aebi Schmidt, Suffers Ransomware Attack Aebi Schmidt, the maker of airport maintenance and road cleaning vehicles, had operations disrupted Tuesday after suffering a cyber attack. The manufacturing giant reported being infected with an unknown ransomware variant that paralyzed its international systems. Although most of the damage was in the European base, U.S. […]

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California County Suffers Ryuk Ransomware Attack

Imperial County of California Recovers from Ransomware Attack California’s Imperial County, is recovering from a ransomware attack that infiltrated its systems on April 13, 2019. The exact method of intrusion is unclear; however, cyber criminals were able to successfully deploy Ryuk ransomware. This ransomware infection impacted the functionality of the county’s communication systems and website. […]

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Howard County Suffers a Malware Attack — Again

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Howard County Falls Victim To Cyber Attack Yet Again Indiana’s Howard County has fallen victim to yet another cyber attack, this time kicking the county’s networks offline. Officials have reported it has been days since they’ve been able to be online. However, they are confident the attack did not impact the security of county or […]

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The Weather Channel Faces a Storm of Its Own

Ransomware Knocked The Weather Channel Off Air On April 18, 2019, an unknown ransomware variant knocked The Weather Channel off the air. Fortunately, the interruption time was minimal, totaling approximately 99 minutes. While services were offline, the network played a prerecorded program until they were able to restore their systems. The ransom demands have not […]

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Ironic Twist – Cyber Security Firm Hit with Ransomware

The cyber security firm Verint, was recently hit with an unknown ransomware variant. As if that is not ironic enough, the hackers targeted the company’s largest business operations, located in Israel. This is ironic since Verint reports they are a U.S. based company. It’s not shocking that the company has offices overseas, considering most security […]

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Cyber Criminals Strike Georgia Again…

Stone Mountain Park Association of Georgia Corrupted with Ransomware What do the City of Atlanta, Jackson County, and the Stone Mountain Park Association have in common? They have all been the victim of ransomware. The City of Atlanta spent millions recovering from the cyber attack that corrupted city networks. Then, last month Jackson County paid […]

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Garfield County Pays Hackers to Unlock Files

Utah’s Garfield County Paid Attackers Undisclosed Amount to Regain Access to Network and Files The number of recent ransomware attacks on public municipalities is staggering. Over the last few weeks, attackers have successfully infiltrated the networks of the City of Albany, the City of Greenville, Genesee County, Orange County, and now Garfield County. The exact […]

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North Carolina City Became Attacker’s Newest Ransomware Target

North Carolina City Offices Crippled by Robbinhood The City of Greenville, North Carolina, was struck with ransomware on April 10, 2019. The ransomware variant, called Robbinhood, left the city with no choice but to shutdown their networks. Fortunately, even with their networks offline, public safety systems remained in tact. The extent of the damage due […]

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5th Largest County in Michigan Corrupted by Ransomware

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Earlier this week the empire state’s capital, Albany, was paralyzed by ransomware.  Now, just days later, the fifth largest county in Michigan, Genesee county, suffered a ransomware attack.  Very few details are being released at this time, as the cyber attack is still quite fresh.  However, here is what we do know — County officials […]

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New York’s State Capital Falls Victim to Ransomware

Another Public Municipality Has Fallen Victim to Ransomware – This Time, the City of Albany An unknown ransomware variant infected the city offices of New York’s state capital, the City of Albany.  Although, employees were still expected to arrive to work Monday morning, city offices did not open until 12 p.m. EST.  The city’s IT […]

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Ransomware Attack Hits Three U.S. Colleges, Demanding Payment from Students

Cyber Criminals Target U.S. Colleges, Then Demand $3,800 Payment from Each Impacted Student An unknown ransomware variant recently hit three U.S. colleges in the Midwest and East Coast. The three targeted colleges include Oberlin College of Ohio, Grinnell College of Iowa, and New York’s Hamilton College. An investigation confirmed cyber criminals were able to access […]

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Georgia County Offices Impacted After Ransomware Corrupted Its Network


Another Cyber Attack Targets Georgia Update 3/11/2019: The County hired a third-party cyber security consultant to help determine the best route to restore their networks. After investigation, it was determined, the consultant would negotiate a payment with the hackers, in an attempt to regain access to the encrypted files. Reports have confirmed, Jackson County has […]

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Park Rapids Schools Works to Restore Servers After Ransomware Attack

Park Rapids School Uses Backup Files After Ransomware Infected Servers On February 25, 2019, Park Rapids Public Schools, located in Minnesota, became infected with an unknown ransomware variant. According to school officials, the malicious software remained isolated to the servers and didn’t impact any other connected devices. Approximately one week after the initial infection, the […]

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Another Ransomware Attack Leaves Connecticut Town in Shambles

Update, 3/6/2019: A public records request has been submitted in an attempt to gather additional information regarding this ransomware attack. Town officials responded confirming a ransom demand has not been paid. However, to date, they have yet to enhance or change their security solution vendor. The town of Colchester, Connecticut has been hit with ransomware, […]

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