Graphics Trends

Just like everything else on our PC’s, the graphics subsystem continues to evolve over time. Monitor sizes continue to grow as costs fall, and screen resolutions continue to increase.

These graphs are of particular interest to software developers trying to decide which standard to write their precious code. These pages are automatically updated each month, so bookmark this page for future reference. Mouse over any graph for a more detailed analysis.

Desktops -Diagonal Monitor Sizes in Inches

Portable – Diagonal Display Sizes in Inches

Average Display Diagonal Size in Inches

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15 thoughts on “Graphics Trends”

  1. I can’t understand why most folks are hyped into widescreen momitors. Then to justify it, they will stretch the image to fill the horizontal dimension; with anything round, looking like an oval. 16 X 9 may be great for games, not for much else.

    Widescreen monitors are just too “small” in the vertical dimension. 4 X 3 is fine for me with Photoshop; but if I absolutely had to go to a 16 X 10 (or 9), I’d just love to have an Eizo FlexScan SX2262W.


  2. Wide screen’s take up far too much space on my desk.

    As far as resolution – 1024×768 is about as small a print as I can stand.

    Anything higher and I can’t read it even sitting 20″ from the screen, and that is WITH proper glasses.

    I don’t want or need to see the pores on someone’s face to enjoy a streamed movie, nor the sweat droplets running down an athlete’s arm either.

    I want to watch the acting and the people as a whole, not concentrate on what minor little thing they happen to have.

    Too much attention to detail.

    I use a 4:3 LCD screen at 60Hz and 1024 x 768.

    I would rather use an 800×600 with a refresh of 85 hertz but things don’t work well on that any more.

    Heck, new TV’s are junk. Wide screen? Sheesh. It takes up too much room in my apartment.
    To get the same screen height I have to almost double the width of the TV.

    I use a regular TV set. Nice and SQUARE. Small enough and yet I can still see everything.

  3. I use CRTs for the same reason people drive old cars. I can see the second hand prices of CRTs going up in the next 5 to 10 years.

    best to start collecting them now 🙂

  4. I still have my 15 inch MAG CRT with the Sony flat screen tube. It still works fine, I put it aside when I got a 19 inch KDS CRT monitor which I still use on one of my computers. I bought a 22″ Viewsonic a couple years ago and it was a big difference. I lost some pixels on it and warrantied it for a Samsung 23″ HDTV/monitor because it was less than $250 and it’s 1080p. The switch from 1050 width monitors to 1080 was a pain. But the way video cards are moving is a bigger pain. I have a Nvidia 8800GTS-640 it was a midpriced card I could afford at the time. It wasn’t 6 months later and not saying it’s obsolete but the Nvidia-ATI war is getting out of control.

  5. I was always a fan of CRT monitors I loved my 21″ CTX running at 1600×1200 But just this month have taken the plunge and bought an Asus 26″ wide screen LCD So for response time is ok for intense gaming The jury is still out on this thing though Ask me in 7 years how I like it That’s how long I ran the other one with absolutely no problems

  6. Hi Kindred, Dan & James,

    I’m sorry to hear about your seizure disorders. I’m epileptic too but fortunately not photo-sensitive.

    However, some time ago I was fixing a friend’s PC (for the second time in six months!) and used an old CRT monitor or mine.

    Quite pleasurably, really.


  7. I can’t believe people are still using CRT monitors. They stopped making them 2 years ago.
    People will spend huge money on a car they use only a few hours a week, but won’t spend $250.00 on a new 22 inch LCD monitor they sit in front of hours at a time. DOH…

  8. As Dan pointed out the refresh rates of CRT and LCD are *not* relatable. They use different technologies.

    In CRTs every pixel on screen (and thus the whole screen) is refreshed at its refresh rate (e.g. 85 Hz).
    In LCDs the refresh rate shows how fast the display-electronics are able to show any *changes* on screen. No change = no refresh (“show and hold” display type). Only pixels that must change colour will do this at the rate of its refresh rate (e.g. 60 Hz).
    This means that if your videocard pumps out 100 frames per second, and your LCD-monitor has a refresh rate of 60 Hz, you will only see 60 frames per second. The overstock of 40 frames is simply wasted on the LCD.

    Typically, LCDs have slow response times and you will more likely suffer from blurred of smeared images in fast changes on screen. Flickering is simply not inherent in LCD-technology.

    If you have epilepsy, you should definitely use LCDs, because they do not flicker. However, depending on the “hecticness” of the games you play, LCD may not deliver an enjoyable display-performance.

  9. hi,
    i’m from india,and i have seizure disorder too.I’ve been using CRT monitor with a refresh rate of 60 MHz,which is obviously straineous.Can nyone advice me whether to look for a CRT with higher refresh rate or go for LCD? i don’t know which type is good for ppl having epilepsy.

  10. I may be wrong, but a couple years ago, I read that there was a big difference between CRT “refresh rates” & LCD “refresh rates”. I think the article said the two were NOT relatable.
    I have epilepsy, so flickering light can’t be tolerated. However, the ONLY time I have ever NOTICED any refresh flicker is with my CRT. (I’m fine with 85hz, but can notice a flicker at 75hz ) Even though LCD’s refresh rate it normally 60hz, I have viewed dozens of LCD’s and have never once noticed any flickering.

  11. i still use crt monitors,because i have a seizure disorder and i am a major gamer and to be able to game with less seizures you need higher refresh rate i run at 1024×768@150hz and i love it most lcd’s i have come across have very low refresh rate every now and then you will see some with high refresh rate but being disabled i cant afford to spend the money to get one with that high of refresh rate and crt’s are getting more harder to find unless you buy them used, it would be nice if they would think of the people out there with seizure disorders because we end up being at home all the time with nothing to do and one day we will be stuck with lcd’s like ev1 else and then i might have to do away with comeputers untill they can drop the price of the high refresh rate lcd’s thanks the kindred

  12. What are people thinking hanging on to their old 15 incher’s except:
    It is getting impossible to get a 4-3 screen lately. 16-9 wide screen is standard now. I see people expanding their favorite pic as desktop pic. Looks ridiculous if stretched to fit whole screen.
    I can’t understand who thought that widescreen monitors would be welcomed by Comper’s.

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