Storage Trends

Although hard drives are not made from silicon, amazingly enough, the disk manufacturers appear to be following Moore’s law. Based on our research and industry trends, storage capacities double every two years, same as processors. The hard drive industry has consistently discovered new technologies to cram more information on a single 5.25″ platter.

Having larger hard drives has benefited all of us as our PC’s expand into music and video. Roll over any chart for a more detailed analysis of the information. Also, the information is updated monthly, so come back often to see how the world of processors is evolving.

Median Disk Capacity Surpasses 700GB

Desktop Storage Capacities Almost 2X those of Portables

Business and Home Hard Drive Size Have Converged

AUS/NZ and Canada Tie for Most Disk Storage

Men Have Big Disks

SSD Popularity


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6 thoughts on “Storage Trends”

  1. Why do men have BIGGER Hard Drives? Because they can! Why do women have so much crap and junk in their handbags? Because they can, that’s WHY they have to have big handbags – they can’t fit all their crap into a wallet!

  2. Gee, and I thought it was fantastic when I bought my first ever computer… a Tandy MC10 with NO Hard Drive and a whole 4K of RAM. I then got a whopping 16k plug in extension for RAM to run bigger programs that I had to type in in BASIC from a book and save to tape as long as the tape wasn’t creased and give me a damned IO ERROR when I tried to reload my program that took hours to type in.

  3. i am a external drive nut case. i have so many no pc can handle them i have 2 belkin stackables not made anymore i think i regret. 7 ports on each i have 9 units that is 63 external hard drives. or several external burners included. now that is too much.i would never do that to a vista 32bit pc. i did and the desktop is now in need of repair. windows could not letter them correctly.belkin claimed they would handle alot more. i dont think so. i should know.

  4. I remember when long long time ago when I had a 486dx 100MHz CPU, 8MB of ram, 500MB HD and 2X CD rom… ;D
    what about SSD

  5. And as hard drives get bigger so does the amount of code in the programs, Especially for ones like Windows and Java, and the updates are worse, I get updates for Java that are well over 100 megs, one more and it’s over a gig total. I remember my first P-1 100Mghz computer it had a 1 Gig hard drive and I thought WOW that’s huge, took a week to fill it up. Ok it was used and I’m always a couple of years behind the curve but I think it makes my point. We need to bring back the original Hackers, the ones at MIT,to come back and save us from bloated code. Hacking originally meant hacking at the code to get it as small as possible and still get the task done.

    1. Extremely few write in machine language. GRC wrote a few. Incredibly fast and small.

      They use JAVA and such just to screw with your computer.

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