Anti Spyware Software Trends

As the spyware companies invent new and innovative ways to sneak software onto your PC, we, users, fight back by installing anti spyware software to detect and eradicate the egregious software.

The graph below represents slightly over a million computers tested at PC Pitstop from Feb 2005 through Sep 2005. Each computers Add/Remove software program list is analyzed for the anti spyware software shown below. The red $ signs indicate products that are for sale, and the rest are free downloads.

Memory Statistics

It’s a basic rule: The more software users run, the more memory they need. We’ll be watching trends in average installed memory every month.

Below you’ll see the average installed RAM for all PCs in our database each month. Did you know that adding RAM is one of the simplest and best value upgrades you can do for your PC? See “RAM: The Poor Man’s Upgrade”


VOIP is the future of telephony, and Skype is the cost leader. They appear to be on a significant growth spurt. This analysis was done by looking at which PC’s had Skype installed in Add/Remove Programs.

Portable PC Battery Statistics

It’s no secret that portable PC’s are becoming more popular with users. With the recent portable battery recalls, we analyzed how people’s portables were powered up while running our on line tests. Our research shows that a little over 10% of the portables tested were running off their battery and approximately one half of one percent were powered with AC and the battery removed.

Gator and WhenU Survey Results

PC Pitstop has the unique ability to survey users to add qualitative information to our quantitative analyses. Since April 2004, we have been surveying Gator and When U users about their experiences with their software. The following survey question was asked to Gator users after their PC’s were tested but before their test results were displayed

PC Pitstop Research Methodology

Our mission at PC Pitstop is simple: help people make their PCs faster, more stable and more secure. PC Pitstop runs diagnostics on users’ PCs to identify things that might help improve performance. The process is fully automated, private and safe.