7-Zip Trends

7-Zip is a free open source file archiver or compression software. 7-Zip has been around since 2000 and is actively being developed by Igor Pavlov.

7-Zip competes with the proprietary market-leading programs such WinZip and WinRAR. 7-Zip operates primarily with the 7z archive format, as well as being able to read and write to several other archive formats. In operation a user can use the command line, graphical user interface or Windows shell integration.
In contrast to the market-leading programs WinZip and WinRAR, which remain as proprietary competitors, 7-Zip is distributed under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL) (with the unRAR license restrictions), and as such is free software (excluding the non-free RAR code).

7-Zip Popularity appears to be showing a slow, but constant, increase monthly.

Both Home and Business Use of 7-Zip are on an upward trend.

The United States is not impressed with 7-Zip

Female use of 7-Zip is minimal at best

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