AVG Anti-Virus Trends

AVG Anti Virus is freeware that provides protection from the most dangerous threats on the internet – worms, viruses, trojans, spyware, and adware. AVG is one of the most popular freeware applications in the Computer security sector with millions of downloads worldwide.

AVG Anti Virus is distributed by AVG Technologies, a small privately held Czech company formed in 1991 by Jan Gritzbach and Tomas Hofer; The brand name “AVG” was derived from the first product, Anti-Virus Guard. Now the company has been overhauled since Intel Corporation holds stake in the company after they bought a large share back in 2005, and ewido Networks became part of AVG Technologies in 2006.

Desktop & Portable use of AVG Anti Virus on the decline.

AVG Anti Virus attach rates get as high as 39% in 2008 for Home PC’s.

European PC users are well Protected.

Females are naturally more protective.

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9 thoughts on “AVG Anti-Virus Trends”

  1. I hate trojans and everyone very well know it’s a huge way for the cyber criminals, however there is different part to the story too. Millions are wasted every year and repairing for PC’s. Many spywares out smart anti-virus softwares too. Excellent addition pal.

  2. My son put it on his computer twice….why? It did’nt work the 1st time or the second.Gave him Norton…no more problems.And my last version is alot faster.

  3. I work for a UK County Council Education Dept and it is used on 18,000 school pc’s ( the paid for version) and i use the freen one on all my home pc’s.

    I love it, if you use it properly it is fine.

    No anti virus program stops all virus’s.

  4. I have been using AVG in my 3 home computers for years, but lately it slows down the start up because it has daily updates (and if you don’t update automatically, Windows gets really annoying with all the alerts).
    I love the product (and the price) 🙂 but am tired of the slow down in my laptops and desktop. BTW, a new laptop I got has McCafee and it zips along wonderfully, not like my daughter’s Vista laptop with AVG.

  5. I have been installing AVG free on my customer’s computers for many years, and have used it myself in business. I do computer repair with fixing virus/hyjacker problems mainly. I love the way the people at AVG (formerly grisoft) have updated their system in 2008. So many customers are happy too – and the option is ALWAYS to buy the software for better protection. PC slowdown is minimum, and results are great. thank you for your analysis.

  6. Used avast for a long long time, still use it on a second computer..AVG keeps me informed better, Avast is a little more automatic…wonder whats better with the paid version of AVG?

  7. I can tell you why I don’t use AVG anymore. I had AVG7.5 on my computer, and I got several viruses. It did nothing to stop them, and the viruses messed up the program. Now I can’t uninstall it. I switched to Avast.

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