FileZilla Trends

FileZilla is a free open source FTP client and/or server depending which best fits the user’s needs. The main features include a site manager, message log, file and folder view, and the transfer queue. With the introduction of FileZilla Version 3 support for operating systems other than Windows, was offered including Linux and Mac OS X.

FileZilla was started as a computer science project back in January of 2001 by a gentleman named Tim Kosse and two of his classmates. Before formulating the code for FileZilla, the three creators discussed on which license they should release the code. They came to the conclusion that there were already too many FTP clients available, so they should make theirs open source because they didn’t believe that they could sell a copy of FileZilla.

FileZilla is finally finding some consistency among Portable & Desktop Users.

Geared towards business users!

The America’s need to get with the program

Males are more in favor of FileZilla

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