Firefox Trends

Mozilla Firefox is a free and open source web browser descended from the Mozilla Application Suite, managed by the Mozilla Corporation.

Most PC users can remember a time when Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape browsers were battling it out. Then a new open source web browser, Firefox, came on the scene and a good number of PC users were drawn to a free web browser that seemed to be the answer to prevent some of the internet security issues that IE experienced.

Mozilla Firefox prevalence continues to expand.

Home Maintains a Small Margin over Business

Firefox has Worldwide Acceptance

Women Less Likely to Have Firefox Installed

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15 thoughts on “Firefox Trends”

  1. I had firefox and i’m now returning to explorer 8 fire fox has become very slow and I have been using it since it first came out’so I decided to try explorer as a comparison’ granted firefox has alot of bells and whistles but it has become awfully slow!

  2. It looks like another “what ever trips your trigger” article and comments.Me,using IE,it gets me where i’m going, seems safe&works.

  3. I went over from microsoft to Firefox on all of my computers and I have not been disappointed. Its faster to load and to search, and I will not be going back.

  4. Meh. I’ve never used Firefox, probably because of all the nasty evangelists chanting “ie sux get firefox” and crap like that…kind of turned me off. When I updated IE 7 to IE 8 beta, it was so buggy that many sites wouldn’t keep me logged in. Not to mention that it was/is so slow that I’d dread opening a browser window and put it off. I had to escape that hell. Now I love Safari (Windows). It loads in under half a second, probably less than 1/4, after I click the icon. It doesn’t have all the IE 8 bugs. I tried giving Microsoft another chance and trying IE 8 RC1 when it came out, but it was still as slow as usual. I disabled all my unnecessary add-ons and it was still going at the same speed. Only the 64-bit version seems to work fast enough, and it’s not easy to set that as the default Windows browser. I like that Safari has a universal spell-checker (although I don’t make spelling mistakes; I just like it for typos). Yep, I don’t see myself switching to anything any time soon.

  5. I loaded FF and cann’t get my Yahoo email to come up. Also am taking web design classes and the files in notepad saved with a FF extention not html. Went back to IE

  6. I installed Firefox on my new iMac, and it has slowed my searching down to a crawl. Has anyone else tried using it on Apple with success?

  7. Well, I’ve been using Firefox for almost 2.5 years now, and I can say that it is better than IE any day!! My browsing is so much faster, and I have much more security with FF. I tried Opera, but after a couple of months, I came back to FF. I even got my dad’s buisness and the rest of my family using FF. You dont even need to use IE because FF has an extension that reloads the webpage in an emulated IE7 environment. The addon is called IE Tab, and its pretty useful when you have to download something for windows but have to be using IE. I really recommend FF and this addon.

  8. I have been using FF for almost 4 years. I encourage ALL of my friends to install and use it over IE. Overall EVERYONE experiences at LEAST a 50% faster start up and browsing experience! I HATE it when I am forced to use IE because something (USUALLY Microsoft) says you MUST be using IE! When IE7 came out (6 worked ok) I could NEVER load my aol mail again! So I started using FF fulltime. Now, when I am forced to use IE (or some misguided friend or family ONLY uses that!)I almost always get the “loaded, but with errors on page” message! I NEVER have any such problem with FF. BTW I am, I guess, one of the minority females using it! 🙂

  9. I like Firefox because its the most accessible browser I could find. Much of the add-ons and things also contribute to the accessibility. There’s even a Daisy Reader add-on!

    I’ve used IE in the past, Opera in the past, Flock in the past, and Firefox in the past. I keep going back to Firefox because of the accessibility. The best things in life don’t have to be something you pay for; it has to be something that -anybody- can use easily.

  10. I changed after updating IE in Vista to IE V8Beta and had nothing but trouble following this. Worst was to come when I attempted to uninstall. Never again will I buy a Microsoft product. My next laptop will be an Apple.

  11. I think Fire fox is far superiour to ie.I feel that ie is the biggest piece of junk to come down the pike in a long time.It has far out lived it’s usefullness.

  12. With this data there’s no way to tell, but I suspect FF is more common in laptops because laptops have notoriously worse hardware and tend to be very bloated with 3rd party apps. FF is a fairly light browser, and with add-ons like AdBlock Plus it becomes a much more efficient way to surf on a low-powered machine than with IE. I’ll choose performance and functionality over looks and bloat any day 🙂

  13. firefox is popular and ie though still has alot of the market for the simple reason everyone (with some exceptions) learns on it and most of the time its first there but the fight for top browser has a long way to go and technolegy in all of them is constantly catching up with the other. not only that but they all have their own slice of the market. where windows is ie is mostly there, where open source and change is firefox shows its head and if you go really portable even opera will take its slice.
    but with the way technolegy is changing portables and “clouding”coming more into the picture more of our social and business lives spent more online and security more of an issue than ever who will really step up to the plate?
    IE firefox opera safari chrome (the new player on the block) and many others who really could take the cake? everyone has opinions and facts. with regards to security performance popularity and definately adaptability to the job could you really find out what browser is going to shine? they all shout their praise i’d like someone to really test and survay all or perhaps it really is just up to the job.

  14. Firefox has it all over IE. As a general rule of thumb my philosophy is if there’s an alternative to Microsoft, go for the alternative, and this is no exception. IE is now the programme attempting to play catchup with Firefox and failing.

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