New from The Tachometers: Spam – Leave Me Alone


The follow up to the mega-hit debut of The PC Pitstop Tachometers. In the spirit of George Jones, Merle Haggard & Loretta Lynn – The Tachometers offer a Grand Ole Opry spin on one of today’s hottest issues.

PC Pitstop SPAM Survey


The initial analysis of our March 2008 SPAM Survey results are in. How are other Pitstoppers coping with Spam? Is the amount of Spam increasing? Does Spam use up valuable time? Are critical messages getting lost in Spam filters?

Phish Phighter Battles

Just when you thought it was safe to click …

Bill Zahren

The days when a bored teenager would hatch a virus in his basement – just to prove he could – and start the epidemic using a 3.5-inch floppy are long gone.

Even spyware – with its Big-Brother-like, harassing approach to get you to buy things – seems to have waned in the face of fury from consumers and Congress.

Blizzard of SPAM

Pitstop users face a blizzard of spam – mostly aimed at the crotch.

The PC Pitstop users report they face more of a storm of spam than they did two years ago, with most of it aimed at sex, drugs and the theory that “bigger is better.”

The survey found that anyone who suffers from erectile dysfunction or is interested in increased penis size (including women) seems to have plenty of spam-delivered options. Pitstop users also reported a deluge of spam for software sales, Web greeting cards and excited emails from lawyers claiming the recipients have inherited money from strangers.

If I Knew You Were Coming…

Wow! I sure am getting popular. My old girl friend and my “soon to be ex” wife are sending me love notes.

After realizing I wasn’t suddenly the most important person in everyone’s heart I did some checking. It seems that there has been a huge, and I do mean huge, resurgence in the old e-card scam.