SSD Trends


Although hard drives are not made from silicon, amazingly enough, the disk manufacturers appear to be following Moore’s law. Based on our research and industry trends, storage capacities double every two years, same as processors. The hard drive industry has consistently discovered new technologies to cram more information on a single 5.25″ platter.

Having larger hard drives has benefited all of us as our PC’s expand into music and video. Roll over any chart for a more detailed analysis of the information. Also, the information is updated monthly, so come back often to see how the world of processors is evolving.

Median Disk Capacity Surpasses 100GB

Desktop Storage Capacities Over 2X those of Portables

Homes Have Over 30% More Storage than Business

AUS/NZ and Canada Tie for Most Disk Storage

Men Have Big Disks

SSD Popularity


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