Bits from Bill Pytlovany: 64-bit Windows is here, Like it or Not.

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By Bill Pytlovany

If you’re in the market for a new Windows computer you’ll be joining the ranks of x64-bit processor users. It used to be an option but these days 64-bit systems are standard configurations.  The infiltration of the market has increased dramatically this year and many programmers like myself are working extra hours to catch up with some of the quirks that arrived with 64-bit systems. 

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The 9 Necessary Links For Windows 7 Users


With these links all you need is a little time and your new Windows 7 operating system will be up and running. You supply the hardware and these links will supply everything else.

W7 Download Straight form the mother ship, you can use this free download until the actual product hits the shelves, then use the Windows Easy Transfer to move everything to the retail installation. There’s no rush.

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